This is where Peter Miller will land in Indefensible

This is where Peter Miller will land in Indefensible – 7 Days

After bringing to life the character of a fearsome leader of a criminal group, Peter Miller leaves the sinister mine for the toga. And after the toga comes the police badge. Explanations.

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Peter Miller rejoins a team producing daily shows. After Virginie and District 31, the actor arrives in the popular Indefensible series. And from February 2nd, in TVA’s daily newspaper, we can discover the new character embodied by Peter, linked once again to the world of justice. “His name is Cédric Boileau and he is a criminal defense attorney. He rents an office at the Lapointe-Macdonald firm and has a full resume. Cédric was educated at Princeton, he’s a football player, and he’s a very gifted man with a certain charm and talent as a lawyer. It’ll bring its share of controversy, that’s for sure. He’s not a one-dimensional character,” his performer says lip-service, careful not to say too much so as not to spoil the viewers’ enjoyment.

Playing this detective lets him experience something different as an actor. “It really takes me to a different place than what I did in District 31. François Labelle was a high-level criminal figure. He didn’t show much of his emotion. Cédric has four children and goes home every evening. He works extremely hard. He’ll have an interesting case that will involve another cabinet member. Cédric Boileau is much more vulnerable than François Labelle. We win by discovering it; It’s a surprise box!”

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Hundreds of thousands of viewers subscribed to the daily newspaper District 31, in which Peter François breathed life into Labelle, a character who figured prominently in his career. “He’s definitely taken over everything I’ve done so far. Seriously, I hear about it regularly. The other day I was standing in line to pay at a hardware store and a woman turned around and joked, “François Labelle is here, we’re in deep shit!” It’s a role I really loved. It did something to me when it ended. As for everyone, because for many actors it was a very special series. This roll sticks to my skin, no doubt about it.

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In the spring, Peter will breathe life into another character developing in the justice universe. “I’m going to be filming for a movie called Charlie Tango. I’m going to play a cop with a friend, David La Haye.” This feature film is written, directed and produced by Simon Boisvert.

While waiting to transform into a police officer, Peter will escape the rigors of winter for a while. “I’m going on vacation to the Dominican Republic for almost a month. It hasn’t been good for travel since the pandemic, so now I’m treating myself to a good one. We will really pick up, ”points out the actor, who is going with Émilie Leblanc, his companion for 17 years. “She was a choreographer on the show Le match des étoiles and that’s where we met.” Among the pursuits it has had in recent months we find Masked Singer, the hit TVA show. “She works with Geneviève Dorion-Coupal,” says Peter Miller.

The daily newspaper Indéfendable is shown on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 7pm.

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