This is what JLo and Selena Gomez are asking for a post on Instagram

This is what JLo and Selena Gomez are asking for a post on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez Y Selena Gomez They are two of the best-known and most successful singers and actresses and also the richest.

And they not only earn from the movies or series they star in, or from the topics they address, but also from the posts and ads they run on Instagram.

So much JLo like Selena are among the celebrities asking the most to be featured on this social network and this has caused surprise and outrage.

How much do Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez charge for a post on Instagram?

Jennifer Lopez has more than 230 million Instagrams and she is one of the most famous singers and asks a millionaire sum for every collaboration she undertakes on the social network.

The performer of “The ring” cobra more than 660 thousand dollars, so it’s not easy to work with. However, brands like Trainerof which it is also a picture.

for his part Selena Gomez has more than 369 million followers on Instagrammore than JLo, so he’s charging a lot more than the singer.

Ex-girl Disney files charges more than a million dollars for each collaboration on Instagram.

This seemed excessive to the followers in networks, who assure that although they are famous, they do not ask that much.

“These women don’t go overboard with what they charge for publicity, even if they were Lady Di,” “OMG but why do they charge so much, yes, they’re famous, but not that,” “and they have left the humility what an outrage”, “not many people will be able to hire them, they ask for a million, what an exaggeration”, were some of the reactions in networks.