This is the tweet from Pope Francis that netizens say

This is the tweet from Pope Francis that netizens say is a reference to Shakira and Piqué

One of the most discussed topics on social media was Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the popular Argentine producer Bizarrap.

Said song which is currently part of the Argentinean’s popular recording sessions It has more than 75 million views on YouTube. in 48 hours and millions of views on platforms like Spotify.

In addition, Shakira’s new song had an impact on social networks, mainly because of the lyrics, since it was about what is popularly referred to as “Tiradera”, ie sing a series of insinuations or make a fool of himself, in this case his ex-partner Gerard Piqué.

However, in Shakira’s lyrics there are also references to the soccer player’s new partner, Clara Chía Martí and mentions of issues related to the singer and the soccer player, such as the debt Shakira allegedly owes to the Treasury Department.

Amid the uproar over the song, netizens picked up a tweet from Pope Francis and began speculating that the post came from the head of the Catholic Church It is related to Shakira’s song.

It was on January 12th, a day after the release of the Shakira and Bizarrap song, that Pope Francis posted a tweet with a reflection about the treatment that people should give to others who are “less considerate”.

“Let us always remember that the way we treat the last and least respected among our brothers and sisters reveals the value we see in people‘ Pope Francis tweeted.

What initially seemed like a reflection with no clue turned into something else entirely as users on social media began reacting to Pope Francis’ tweet and They linked it to the song by Shakira and Bizarrap.

Yes, father, but he was unfaithful to her when she gave up her career for him. and he moved to Barcelona where he raised his children. He paid her by bringing his lover to the house. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s fair in the eyes of God,” read one of the user’s comments.

Sure father, but we forget the value of jam, which Shaki paid and Clari ate. It goes without saying that Shaki treats her like that, not with jam,” explains another netizen, who refers to Shakira allegedly spotting Piqué’s fling as she allegedly discovered an open jar of jam, food she doesn’t eat.

“Father, but the other was unfaithful, and cheating is bad. Likewise, she was graceful in her song and said no bad words“Says another of the comments from netizens.