This is the luxurious school that Shakira and Gerard Piques

This is the luxurious school that Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s children will attend in Miami

After lengthy negotiations, Shakira and Gerard Pique they came to a approval in memory of coexistence his sonswho decided the little ones could Life next to his Breast in Miami. Little is known about what the new life of the singer and children will be like United Statesalthough the millionaire is already known villa in which will resideand now the luxurious school where they will study Sascha Y Milan.

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In Miami, Shakira and Piqué’s children will be companions to other celebrities’ children.

Shakira, Sascha Y Milanshould start a new phase Miamiso the Colombian focused on finding the best University To yours sonstry to make them as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, after analyzing all the options that you have Floridathe interpreter of “monotony” would have been for the “American School of Barcelona“. It is about one University which has the same characteristics as its previous school, and which, by the way, is not accessible to everyone, since it has it high Costs.

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Shakira chose a luxurious school for her children to study in.

The luxurious school that the children of Shakira and Gerard Piqué will share with those of Alejandro Sanz

According to international sources, the “American School of Barcelona” is the new University from Sascha Y Milana luxurious institute in which they attend sons from different celebrities Like that of Alejandro Sanz.

It is important to note that the “American School of Barcelona“It’s one of the biggest prestigious from Miamiwhich has an annual cost of around $22,000, which would cost the singer and athlete a total of $44,000.

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