1664681121 This is one of the BEST SUSPENSE SERIES ON NETFLIX

This is one of the BEST SUSPENSE SERIES ON NETFLIX Streaming Brasil

In mid2016, a series of intense suspense and many mysteries entered the Netflix catalogue. With Britt Marling, The OA had produced two seasons off duty. But it was enough to garner a legion of fans around the world.

Although it is less popular than other productions on the service, The OA, quickly captured the public. The reason? your madness The series managed to invest so deeply into the mystery that fans kept wanting to see the next installment.

Well, if you’re looking for something completely different to check out over the next few days, here’s an excellent tip. Check out all the plot details of the series because we are sure you will love watching it.

the plot of The OA

The history of The OA revolves around Prairie Johnson, a girl whose name as a young girl was Nina Azarov. As a young girl, Nina is in a serious bus accident that blinds her and her father, causing her to be adopted by a couple living in suburban Michigan, who change her name to Praire.

The young woman disappears, still blind, and returns 7 years later with her sight intact. Gradually we get to know her trajectory, in which she talks about how she was kidnapped by a man named Hap. He, in turn, is a man obsessed with tracking down people who have had neardeath experiences. In addition, it shows how he regained his sight.

When she returns home, she no longer recognizes herself as Praire, but as The OA (or Original Angel. In literal translation the Original Angel). In addition, she begins recruiting people who will listen to her story and who can help her regain what she lost during the time of her kidnapping.

This is how we discover that it is an alternate reality. Eventually, Praire believes she needs help to rescue other missing people who she claims are trapped in another dimension.

Is the series worth watching?

To the point, yes. Especially if you like productions that will make your head spin. Brit Marling, came up with the idea for the production after a personal experience and managed to implement it The OA. This raised the manufacturing quality to a very high level.

One of the highlights of the series, however, is the production itself. The photography of the series is among the most acclaimed and offers fans a real feast for the eyes. In the series it is possible to see beautiful landscapes, captivating scenes and highquality special effects.

Finally, another positive point of the series is the soundtrack. The selected songs, along with the direction and script, manage to engage the viewer.

The OA was canceled after 2 seasons

The Oa is a thriller series on Netflix
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Things weren’t always rosy in the series. Or better, The OA was unexpectedly canceled after season 2. What is the result? The viewer who decides to watch the series has to deal with some unanswered questions.

Certainly the producers didn’t expect this to happen. However, it needs to be clarified what happened. In the same year, Stranger Things and Black Mirror were scifi series that were on the rise.

As a result, the production also gained popularity. Netflix was quick to renew the series for Season 2, although the ratings don’t measure up to other series like Stranger Things itself. The big problem is that it took the series 3 years to come back.

This chilled the public The OA managed to tie. As much as the original plan was for 5 seasons, the series was canceled after the second year. As a result, some mysteries remained unsolved.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, watch a trailer:

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