This is one of my biggest dreams Gkay opens her

“This is one of my biggest dreams”; Gkay opens her heart to motherhood and speaks openly about the topic…

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On Instagram, Gkay was asked if she intends to start a family in the future

Gkay spoke openly about plans to become a mother© Playback/Instagram/@gessicakayaneGkay spoke openly about plans to become a mother

After last year’s controversies Gkay is back on social media and already engaging with followers on their official profiles. This Tuesday (14th), the content creator decided to open the question box Instagram and revealed an intimate secret to admirers.

An Internet user wanted to know whether the influencer would like to have children Gkay did not hide the game. The comedian made it clear that she intends to start a family in the future and even stressed that she’s dying to have twins. It is worth remembering that the creator of Farofa remains single until the first moment.

> Gkay revealed she dreams of being a mother to twins (Image: Reproduction/Instagram/@gessicakayane)

“Are you planning on having children?” the person asked. “For those who don’t know, having twins is one of my biggest dreams, I ask for it every day God for when the time is right to grant me this blessing‘ replied Gessica. This is the first time the comedian has spoken so openly on the subject.

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yesterday (13), Gkay discovered that she was one of the influencers who stood out the most at Paris Haute Couture Week.

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