This is fantastic Maria Bruacas Awakening in the Pantanal

This is fantastic Maria Bruaca’s Awakening in the Pantanal

The twist in the story of the character Maria Bruaca from the Pantanal soap opera has been one of the most talked about topics on social media over the past week. For those who don’t follow, here’s the story: Maria is a mature woman, a housewife, who is severely abused by her husband who calls her Bruaca. Hence the nickname “Maria Bruaca”. But now the character has chosen to react: she has undergone powerful changes, rediscovering herself and bringing important reflections to so many other women.

To deepen the subject, Murilo Salviano welcomes the actress Isabel Teixeira, who plays Maria Bruaca in this new phase of the soap opera. Also joining the conversation are philosopher and professor at PUCRJ Aza Njeri and news producer Maria Scodeler, who took to the streets to hear what women think of Maria Bruaca.

They talk about the crowd on social networks for “Mary Bru”, sisterhood and a portrait of the character in Brazilian society.


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