This incredible portable invention turns seawater into drinking water in minutes

This incredible portable invention turns seawater into drinking water in minutes

A unique process for removing salt from water easily and fits in a single suitcase. A unit that could prove very useful.

For many years researchers have been trying to develop various technologies to do this Desalination. which consists of… Obtain fresh water from brackish or salt waterlike sea water.

And even Rainwater has become undrinkable across the planet it is appropriate to find durable solutions to access and survive on potable water.

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Of MIT researchersMassachusetts Institute of Technology, successfully commissioned great briefcase to achieve this, as reported by 01Net.

A product of the future with global warming

With the droughts falling on our planet, some two billion people have on earth not really access to drinking wateras reported by Reporterre.

Access to drinking water is therefore a Theme future and survival for some populations.

It is therefore necessary to develop a system that allows all population groups to find themselves isolated in certain areas or without access to water after natural disasters, for example to be able to drink in complete safety.

Because of this, the search for the most practical invention never stops enlivening the scientific world.

And among all the finds an extraordinary briefcase was developed by researchers at MIT.

A practical and inexpensive invention

The researchers started from the observation that this type of Technology is often complex and very expensive. They wanted to design an accessible, practical and even portable system.

And they invented a suitcase with a solar panel and battery that turns salt water into drinking water pretty quickly.

This portable desalination system includes their process titled ICP Water Tech for pristine, clean and pure water technology, understand a technology forpristine, clean and pure water.

The suitcase that weighs less than 10kgworks with little electricity (the equivalent of a cell phone charger) and can be powered by a small portable solar panel, the MIT researchers point out.

In a few minutes, the machine is able to eliminate them Particles and salts for drinking water production that exceeds that WHO quality standardsthe world health organization.

Use with electricity

The device does not use a filter but uses electricity – a electric field to be precise – e.g Remove salts and other particleshow viruses and bacteria.

A second process of electrodialysis also eliminates the remaining salt ions, thanks to which drinking water can be obtained in a few minutes.

The researchers designed the device for laypersons, with a a single button to start the desalination process and from cleaning automatically.

Once the salinity and particle counts drop to certain thresholds, the device notifies the user that the water is safe to drink.

In less than 30 minutes, the device fills a plastic cup with clear, drinkable water.

Your prototype produces drinking water at a Flow rate of 0.3 liters per hour and requires only 20 watt hours per liter.

And most importantly, it can be used by anyone because it is easy to use.

The demonstration of one of the researchers in the video: