Thirty Dominican bus passengers kidnapped in Haiti

Thirty Dominican bus passengers kidnapped in Haiti

According to reports from various media, the attack took place in Morne a Crabrit and as a result the flight attendant was seriously injured and had to be taken to the hospital urgently.

Witnesses attributed the kidnapping to members of the 400 Mawozo Gang, which operates in the region and was responsible for the October 2021 media kidnapping of 17 missionaries from the United States and Canada.

It is not yet known if the kidnappers contacted the relatives and former Haitian consul in the Dominican Republic Edwin Paraison confirmed that the Dominican driver, a security agent and three passengers escaped and were assisted by the Haitian National Police.

The spiral of violence and insecurity in Haiti continues to mount, despite authorities’ recent operations to contain gangs that are operating with impunity.

In early January, former MP Smith Mathurin was kidnapped in Mergé, southwest of the Haitian capital, while last week gunmen opened fire in Carrefour-Feuilles, killing four people, including two police officers.

On Monday, at least two people were killed and others injured in a shooting in Fermathe, a town in Port-au-Prince, when people on motorbikes shot at a bus stop.