Theyve got Post 2023 behind the scenes in the cast

They’ve got Post 2023 behind the scenes: in the cast is former man and woman suitor Giovanni

The cast of You’ve Got Mail 2023 are also preparing to welcome a face of men and women. The appointment with the human show of feelings, conceived and performed by Maria DeFilippi, will be airing again from Saturday 7 January 2023, and for this new year the presenter has also decided to recruit a former admirer of her talk show of feelings.

It’s about the young man John Bishop who, from this Saturday evening, will join the team of postmen already part of the cast of the Mediaset show.

Confirmed the return of You’ve Got Mail 2023: from January 7th on Canale 5

In detail, the appointment with C’è Posta per te on the winter Saturday evening of Canale 5 is very confirmed from January 7 and will have to compete with Tali e Quali, the Rai 1 variety show hosted by Carlo Conti.

There’s no shortage of background on Maria De Filippi’s people show, and one of it concerns the cast of postmen who will be on the show this year.

A new face has also been added to the group of historic postmen: Gianfranco Apicerni, Marcello Mordino, Chiara Carcano and Andrea Offredi.

Background You have Post 2023: A former face of both men and women in the cast

This is a character that comes from the world of men and women, another successful program that always bears Maria De Filippi’s signature.

His name is Giovanni Vescovo, thirty years old, born in Treviso and raised in Rome, he was one of the suitors of Tronista Sonia Lorenzini (later also protagonist of Big Brother Vip) in the 2026/2017 talk show season.

Athletic physique and friendliness of yesteryear, Giovanni convinced the host of You’ve Got Mail to include him in the cast of this new installment.

Meanwhile, among the first names of the guests who will be attending the next edition of You’ve Got Mail 2023, that of stands out Can Yaman.

Who are the first guests of You’ve Got Mail 2023: Can Yaman is also in the studio

The Turkish star, fresh from the great TV and social success of the fiction Viola come il mare, which saw him as the protagonist with Francesca Chillemi, is currently busy shooting the TV series “El Turco” but has the path and the time found to record his hosted on the people show of Maria De Filippi’s feelings.

In fact, Can Yaman has now become a regular guest on Maria De Filippi’s Saturday night programme, the undisputed ratings leader.

Among the celebrity names appearing in the guest cast of this highly anticipated new installment of You’ve Got Mail is actress Charlize Theron, who returns to the studio with Maria De Filippi after first hosting in 2014.

Maria De Filippi Queen of Saturday Night with You’ve Got Mail

However, the focus of attention is always on the stories of the “Nip” people, who throughout the year write to Canale 5 program editors seeking help and solving their complicated family and sentimental situations.

And so it seems that all the ingredients for a successful program are there again this year: will Maria De Filippi be able to assert herself again with her very loyal Saturday night audience?

Last year, You’ve Got Mail was one of the most watched programs of the entire Canale 5 television season, with an average viewership that reached and exceeded the five million mark and peak ratings of over 30%.

A great success for Mediaset, which never misses a beat with Maria De Filippi on Saturday evening and achieves sensational and exceptional audience results in prime time.