They will massacre you Maria Lina breaks the silence when

“They will massacre you”; Maria Lina breaks the silence when she talks about aesthetic procedures and rejects criticism…


The influencer has been direct and honest when speaking about everything that has changed

By Ysac Freitas

10/01/2022 22:34 BRT

10/01/2022 22:34 BRT

Reproduction/Instagram Maria LinaReproduction/Instagram Maria LinaYsac Freitas

Maria Lina vented this Saturday (01) on her social networks to put a stop to the criticism she has received. The influencer announced that she had undergone liposuction on her back with reliposuction on her buttocks in conjunction with replacing silicone breast implants. The fact is that all this confusion of the ex Whindersson Nunes has caused controversy on the internet as opinions are divided.

In another “knock and knock,” she emphasized that she chose not to talk about the surgery but chose to speak up. “I could have hidden the lipo and just talked about the chest, but that’s the price you pay for being real. People want you to be real, but not too much, see? Otherwise they will massacre you.”

nonetheless It’s not the first time Maria has lost patience with a netizen. Recently, the muse shared that she had won sneakers from a very famous brand. However, the comment implied that she would have received the pairs as gifts from her exboyfriend, Whindersson Nunes.

Finally, despite the criticism, she took the moment to give more details about the aesthetic procedures and how she feels after the changes. “Pectoral muscle hurts, I stay still for 3 minutes when I sit down so I don’t bother anymore,” said the influencer. Despite the pain, she finally says she’s getting better.