They shoot and kill a wolf the first slaughter in

They shoot and kill a wolf, the first slaughter in Tyrol according to the ordinance. The governor thanks the hunters: "We protect our pastures"

TYROL. In East Tyrol was killed the first wolf on orders issued by local government in previous months against “problem animals” and caused some controversy right from the start.

The logging took place Virgental. The country explains the decision to kill the wolf in a note: after some damage and robberies in the community of Prägarten.

Episodes that led to the signing of an immediate kill order. The animal will be Now taken to the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) in Innsbruck for examination.

“This first logging is an important signal“he said Governor Josef GeislerI thank you hunters for their intensity commitment and ask for your continued support. “Our primary goal is to protect our alpine pastures. This is not only important for agriculture, but also for biodiversity, protection against natural hazards and tourism.”

Six wolf killing permits are still valid in Tyrol, four of them in the East Tyrol. Here, this year, according to the state, approxAround 90 grazing animals have already been killed by wolf attacks and another 150 have disappeared.