They reveal the identity of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend: Clara Chia Marti

They reveal the identity of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend: Clara Chia Marti

That separate from Shakira and Gerard Pique became one of the biggest news of the summer.

More than two months after his split from the Colombian singer British media claim the footballer is already in a relationship. they also have revealed the identity of the Spaniard’s supposed new partner: Clara Chia Marti.

They reveal the identity of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend

According to The Sun and the Chron, Clara Chia Marti, 23, is a Spanish PR student.

The athlete and the student They met in a bar in Barcelona where she was a waitress. It is said that when they met and started dating, Piqué got him a job at his production company cosmoswhere he works to this day. His current job consists of Organize events for the player’s company.

Ever since Clara’s identity was revealed, The young woman deleted all her profiles from social networks, so there is not much information about it. more than that Pictures that internet users could take before their account was blocked.

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Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti have been “a couple for months”

According to a source close to the footballer for The Sun, Gerard and Clara have “been dating for months,” so rumors of a fling with Shakira are now gaining traction.

Gerard and Clara have been together for months. She is a student who also works for him in his office and organizes events. HThey’ve kept their relationship a secret, but everyone around them knows what’s going on. People helped him keep the affair a secret and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so they can’t find photos of her. That alone makes his colleagues think what is serious‘ the source vowed to the above medium.