They recognize Venezuela ahead of the dialogue between the Colombian government and the ELN

They recognize Venezuela ahead of the dialogue between the Colombian government and the ELN

He is aware of the impact that this roundtable is having on my country, the Bolivarian Republic and the entire Latin American region, he said in statements released by the Venezuelan news agency.

Tapia said Venezuelan participation as a guarantor is a guarantee of resolving internal conflicts in the New Granada nation.

Colombian Executive and ELN delegations resumed talks this week in Caracas after four years on the process leading to the search for peace in the neighboring nation.

He pointed out that the coming to power of Gustavo Petro last August, with a different political vision from the previous ones and Venezuela’s tradition of consolidating harmony there, are an important guarantee of internal peace in Colombia.

Regarding Caracas as the venue for the resumption of negotiations, Tapia recognized the geographic advantage of proximity, which guarantees easier access to the dialogue days for the actors involved.

He commented that this week the dialogue participants are analyzing the agenda of the previous process sealed in 2019 in order to adapt it to the current context and while it is already relevant it needs to be reviewed before involving new actors in the process.

The ELN member pointed out that the agenda had six items with a main focus on the participation of Colombian society, a key issue promoted by Petro, who called for the inclusion of all Colombian diversity in the dialogue, she argued.

He added that in this sense the guerrillas too have made efforts to ensure the representativeness of all their fronts alongside civil society and mentioned the precedent of a public consultation held in previous years on how the population wanted to participate in this process.

Tapia praised the bonds of struggle between the peoples of Venezuela and Colombia against US imperial interference and called for a common struggle to make Colombia, Venezuela and Latin America a power of peace and harmony.