They propose to Cuban actress Yerlin Perez I enjoyed my

They propose to Cuban actress Yerlin Pérez: “I enjoyed my surprise anniversary”

The popular Cuban actress and comedian Yerlin Perez On his relationship day he experienced the best surprises: his partner, Yovaris GonzalezHe suggested Marriage.

The artist who He came to the United States a little over a year ago.and settled in Miami, shared on her social networks a video of the moment of happiness she experienced this Friday when she received the engagement rings.

The couple appears on the beach, both dressed in blue and surrounded by a decoration of that color and white, when Yovaris takes out the rings to put them on and she reacts in surprise, with tears in her eyes, because of the great emotion she felt. In the pictures a sentence that reveals his feelings: “If you think you’ve experienced everything.”

In the Instagram post, she commented, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m not very romantic but I loved my anniversary surprise.”

“I never imagined wearing rings, I don’t even know how to go about it,” he later joked, but confessed, “Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days of my life“.

Yerlin thanked decor company @magicflavorsyami “who best surprises you with their talent and good vibes” and her friend Patty Gavilán “for their complicity”.

And of course, they couldn’t fail to thank her fiancé: “You, my love, for fulfilling your promise to arrive.”

His followers filled the comments box with congratulations and good luck and blessings for the couple.

Cuban actress arrived in the US in 2022after crossing the border into Mexico and starred in an emotional film Meeting with his son Eduard Aquinoon the Carlucho Show.

Last November he celebrated his first birthday in the USA. Yerlin celebrated its 50th anniversary with beautiful words: “Today I say thank you, it’s my first birthday in this country I fall madly in love with, thank you all for so much love, all congratulations.” I will not stop collecting daisies from the tablecloth … In the soul, the lights always come on.”

The Cuban artist is very popular for her roles in television programs Cuban television such as Stop Me Tell You, the humorous Kicking the Can, and the soap operas The Hidden Face of the Moon, The Salt of Paradise, and Look Again; and also in the cinema, with his participation in the film Yuli.