1693652073 They paint her bald head

They paint her bald head

They paint her bald head

Alopesico Alfa or shaved and shaved, the former head of the Spanish Football Federation thought he would have the opportunity to touch his balls in the stands (three meters from Queen Letizia and almost elbow to elbow with the Infanta) and then take her with the player Jenni Hermoso took her by the skull and forced a kiss on her lips, which he described as a harmless “climax.” He also argued that the lift was the opposite and asked only for unqualified forgiveness from the Criadillas player, subtly explaining this as a euphoric expression equivalent to “Smell your balls!”

A slow reading of the previous paragraph is enough to condemn the subject with the surname Rubiales; immediate suspension by FIFA and widespread, if not global, condemnation by part of the entire 21st century of alienated stupidity, outdated machismo, abusive self-determination, sinister laughter, the culture of Quemásda or Ai’seva… but it arises it turns out that the Spanish zarzuela is more relevant than ever and the so-called Chico genre floods headlines and meetings with an explosive variety show: Rubiales’ mother goes on hunger strike in the city temple, from where she goes to the hospital as an emergency because of a nervous breakdown; The deceased’s uncle decides to publicize a party of the former leader with older women of his own daughters and debauchery; Millionaire benefits that now deserve scrutiny and revival of possible corruptions that have been silenced in the recent past.

Add to this that the storm becomes widespread chatter and the political parties are thrown into the fray as the confusion multiplies into confusion after confusion: the video of the affected player herself laughing in shock and her teammates on the bus, who transported them, “Kiss, kiss, kiss” they shout at the newfound fame, the complete forgetting of the penalty missed by the Hermoso girl, the expiration of the video of the goal that won the World Cup and the random sadness that the scorer did not know at the moment of the goal that her father had already died before the game and thus the sum of the thousands of micro-stories that are slowly being overshadowed by the confused and sour situation that has clouded over August and September has already occurred, although he has even slightly hinted that the monarch might well demand the immediate arrest of anyone who dares touch his body parts in front of his queen, and although no one has noticed the astonishing slowness with which the remnants of the Federation react to outbursts ( which are already considered possible crimes), fully justified or duly condemned, they also do not know exactly how much punishment, suspension or ridicule to impose, and of course the window hardly or barely opens to the morass that is in the air remains: the absolute imbalance and inequality in work, in sport, in the social, economic and other spheres between work, efforts, professions and male activities and female.

They painted the goddess Occasion bald to emphasize that one should not miss the opportunity to catch her on her inexorable course, even though her bangs are always visible from the front. In Spain it is customary to hardly speak of “by the hair”, precisely because the bangs on the forehead are ephemeral à la Harry Potter or à la Puigdemont (both motops by scar) and become bald, semi-bald, as in Greco-Roman mythology or straight hair like that of Rubiales, who thought he saw the ideal occasion for celebration and boasting, without reading or realizing that time no longer affords an occasion for jokes, gossip, behavior, manners, forms, formulas and much more Machismo, racism, classism, vulgarism, macarrismo and so many isms that now swing on the screen, once the fragile web that enveloped so many sectors, and not just the Spanish Football Federation, where previously the entire team was engulfed in protest against the and marbled marshmallow was exposed by their leaders, where today’s world champions had insisted on better treatment and preparation for the possibility of a coronation, where no one in their right mind would think of a sporting feat or a galactic triumph in the 21st century to celebrate their balls through touch. (Whether in the VIP box or on the medal stand, as the Argentina men’s team goalkeeper did with his golden glove), where no one in their right mind would think of kissing someone without warning. a player Trapped in the skull, euphoria and stupidity locked in the empty moment, no one thinks of delving into a tantrum that repeats to the point of shame that he has no reason to resign or repent, and to try to redeem his tainted person Making victims, trying to blame the other and so on… tries to expand the zarzuela’s surreal image of the endless festival of confusions, the gray hairs in the air, the disheveled Carmen with a knife, the old wig of the dissidents, the hair of the prophet instead of calmly enjoying the perfect movement of a millimeter pass from midfield all the way to the left, where a girl with flying hair, barely tied with an elastic band on her forehead, arrives in a confident run, and a shot as a vector flying over the An England goalkeeper’s outstretched glove caused the ball to land in the false hypotenuse of the net at the base of the post, culminating in a perfect occasion. No wonder they’re making her bald.

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