They have a provisional prison sentence for the attacker of

They have a provisional prison sentence for the attacker of the singer of the Cuban orchestra La Original de Manzanillo

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic ordered this Thursday a temporary prison sentence for the man who threw a bottle that hit one of the singers of the popular Cuban orchestra in the face and injured him The original by Manzanillo during a presentation in the municipality of Morón, in the province Ciego de Avila.

The official communication claims that following the investigation of the events of the night of last Saturday, August 26th, and the criminal proceedings initiated in the Morón National Revolutionary Police unit on August 31st, the precautionary measure of temporary detention was imposed.

“A 53-year-old citizen residing in the municipality is accused in the proceedings; the public prosecutor’s office has indicated the procedures to be carried out to clarify the facts of the case, the characteristics of the defendant and the motives for his unlawful behavior. “The explanation ended. .

In a Facebook post this Thursday, the victim of the attack, singer Katia Naranjo Alarcón, explained how her health is and thanked for the expressions of affection towards her, her family and the orchestra.

The singer of the Manzanilla Orchestra also took the opportunity to thank the health workers who cared for her, as well as the culture and musical society of Ciego de Ávila.

“I tell you that I am gradually recovering, I still sleep half sitting up due to the broken nose and breathe through my mouth because the nose is blocked by the trauma. The inflammation is slowly going down, “The stitches are healing and I continue to eat soft food because I had injuries to my teeth,” he explained.

The young woman added that she is in good spirits and is confident that she will recover and get out of this situation.

“I know I will rise stronger because I am always and forever ‘Original’ #originalx!” he concluded.

Facebook shot/Katia Naranjo Alarcón

That was last weekend Katia Naranjo AlarconDaughter of the teacher Wilfredo Salvador Naranjo Verdecia “Pachy”, was attacked by a member of the publicwho threw a bottle onto the stage.

After the incident, the artist was attended to by specialists from the Celia Sánchez Manduley Provincial Clinical-Surgical and Teaching Hospital.

The music company Ciego de Ávila emphasized that the attack took place during a presentation in front of about 3,000 visitors on Martí Street in front of Moronero Ausente.

“A despicable citizen with terrible social behavior and in a state of intoxication threw a bottle of rum onto the stage, severely injuring the singer’s mouth and nose. Through the immediate action of the people, the musicians and the PNR, this was achieved.” “We have arrested the criminal on the spot who deprived Morón of the excellent presentation,” said the company.

The identity of the attacker has not yet been revealed.