They find cause against Randy quotCrazy notequot for Domestic Violence

They find cause against Randy "Crazy note" for Domestic Violence

Municipal Judge Geisa M. Marrero Martinez of the Carolinas General Court ruled a case against urban gender exponent Randy Ortiz Acevedo for violating Section 3.1 of Law 54 Domestic Violence, which was classified as abuse.

Randy Ortiz-Acevedo

Randy Ortiz Acevedo. > Peter Amador, THE SPEAKER

Peter Amador, THE SPEAKER

According to the prosecutor in charge of the case, the Togada posted bail of $15,000, which she provided. Similarly, prosecutors reported that the judge also issued a protective order against the reggaeton player, who could not approach the woman or her children.

“As for minors, we will not provide any information, we know this is a civil proceeding. A protective order has been issued, this person must not be brought near the lady, nor the minors,” the prosecutor said when asked by journalists, who said he did not know what sparked the discussion that led to the alleged aggression of the man artist have led.

It was also reported that prosecutors presented his case through affidavits, which is why the alleged victim did not testify at this stage of the proceedings.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 19 at 9 a.m.

Earlier and after multiple efforts by authorities to track down reggaeton player Randy’s whereabouts, he finally went to the Carolina Judicial Center at 2:45 a.m. today to file a domestic violence complaint.

Randy Ortiz Acevedo, the artist’s first name, arrived at court accompanied by his attorney, Orlando Cameron Gordon. “Give me a chance. You will learn the truth,” the exponent of the urban genre limited himself to emphasizing upon his arrival at court. Later, walking the aisles of the court, the artist confessed to being sad , and asked journalists for a seat.

A criminal complaint is filed against reggaeton player Randy "Crazy note"

For his part, District Attorney Anthony Ayala Ortiz, who would be filing the criminal complaint, said the artist’s legal representative contacted him and said that Ortiz Acevedo would be arriving at the Carolina Judicial Center after 2:00 p.m.

Randy’s attorney, Nota Loca, appears to be handling a domestic violence complaint

Ortiz Acevedo is charged with violating Article 3.1 of Law 54, which is classified as ill-treatment. The felony that the reggaeton player would be charged with is when a person causes physical or mental pressure on their spouse or ex-partner with whom they had a consensual relationship, punishing the offender with a term of imprisonment ranging from 18 months and sentenced to three years. if found guilty in court.

Randy's attorney

The exponent of the urban genre Randy Ortiz Acevedo, better known as Randy “Nota Loca”, f…

The alleged victim claimed that the reggaeton player threatened and assaulted her in the midst of a staged altercation at an apartment building in the Mansiones de Vistamar Marina urbanization in the city of Carolina.

The complainant denounced the artist at Carolina Command and was later taken to the Metropolitan Center for Investigations and Complaints to consult the evidence with the duty prosecutor and discuss a possible charge.

"was not localized": Randy is wanted by the police after a domestic violence complaint

Yesterday afternoon, police headquarters confirmed the existence of a gender-based violence complaint against the reggaeton player. In the meantime, he stated that investigations were being carried out by the prosecutor’s office and the Uniformed Forces and said he would not give any further details as the matter was confidential.

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