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They demand a statement from the bishops on the coup d’état in Bolivia

“It’s up to them (the bishops) to explain, since there was also an attendance at that meeting, and they need to clarify what was that attendance? (…) and they will come as witnesses to clarify,” affirmed Patty’s legal representative, prosecutor in this case.

Nina clarified that being summoned to testify in an investigation should not be viewed as “persecution” since, on the contrary, cooperation in the investigation is the duty of all citizens.

He emphasized that it was public knowledge that members of the Church attended this meeting and as such the testimony was not an act of persecution.

The church hierarchy that made up the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference in 2019 reportedly attended a secret meeting at the Bolivian Catholic University on November 10 of the same year.

As a result of this agreement, envoys from Luis Fernando Camacho and Carlos Mesa, the Catholic leaders, former university rector Waldo Albarracín and foreign ambassadors have stipulated that Jeanine Áñez should assume the presidency of a de facto government, and for this reason they are appointed testify.

As part of Coup d’état I, the investigation investigates the conspiracy that paved the way for Áñez’s illegal access to the presidency, the establishment of a de facto government, and the crimes committed in repressing those who wanted the Restoration of the constitutional order.