They deal a hard blow to the drug trade in Panama

They deal a hard blow to the drug trade in Panama

According to the Security Ministry’s report, the drug was found in a container at a port in Rodman, the capital’s Arraiján district.

The operation revealed the presence of narcotics in 27 briefcases, which appeared to have been brought in after the door of a container bound for Belgium was forced open.

Drug prosecutors are investigating the alleged involvement of personnel working at the port, as investigations indicate that the container in the cargo area may have been stolen.

Also confiscated were a truck allegedly used to transport the drug and a mobile phone found by authorities patrolling the site.

In 2022, the competent authorities seized 126 tons of illegal substances, in particular cocaine, in various operations at the national level, a high percentage of them in containers arriving in Atlantic and Pacific ports, mainly with destinations in Europe and the United States.

For their part, drug prosecutors uncovered two criminal groups operating in the cities of Panama and Colón, focused on hiding hallucinogens in containers after receiving the cargo from Colombia.

The day before, in the operation called Interceptor III, police arrested four members of a criminal network that was shipping drugs in boxes of electronic devices to Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.