They commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the space flight between

They commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the space flight between the USSR and Cuba

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Havana, September 26 (ACN) High-level experts from 11 countries, mainly from Latin America, attended the commemoration ceremony in this capital today 43rd anniversary of the joint space flight between the USSR and Cubaon September 18, 1980, aboard the Soyuz 38 spacecraftcommanded by Yuri Romanenko and his colleague Arnaldo Tamayo Mendezmaking him the first Cuban and Latin American to travel into space.

The homage to the famous anniversary was the first event of the , and for young people and students an exhibition fair for products, new technologies and services.

Before Cuba, only eight countries had sent astronauts into the sky, and their results reached a significant scale in terms of science and innovation, explained Master of Science Luis Enrique Barrizonde Blanco, head of space maintenance at the National Bureau of Hydrography, in a dissertation and geodesy .

He pointed to applications for the deployment of a navigational aid system, updating cartography, the use of techniques in seismological surveys and tropical cyclone risk management, among others.

The representatives of Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Spain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Mexico and Uruguay also witnessed the presentation of diplomas of recognition to 39 Cuban experts from 10 provinces on the occasion of the anniversary. 30th anniversary of the founding of Surveyor’s Day.

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and President of the Union of Architects and Civil Engineers of Cuba, initiator of this 10th Surveying Convention, presided over the granting of the incentives.

British Rear Admiral Angus Essenhigh, president of the Mesoamerican and Caribbean Hydrographic Commission, drew attention with his conference on the future of navigation, as did his Cuban colleague Tatiana Delgado Fernández, who referred to geospatial ecosystems

According to the event program, the sessions of the Cartography and Geodata Infrastructure Congresses begin tomorrow; remote sensing and spatial information systems; cadastral and appraisals; Education (vocational training) and surveying.