They call on the Senate of Haiti to initiate political dialogue

They call on the Senate of Haiti to initiate political dialogue

Port-au-Prince, August 18 (Prensa Latina) Fifty political parties and organizations have asked the President of the Haitian Senate, Joseph Lambert, to launch a political dialogue that would allow a solution to the national crisis, it was announced today.

The platforms wrote a letter to the House of Lords, circulated on social media this Thursday, in which they confirmed that Prime Minister Ariel Henry had lost his legitimacy since February 7 last year, when assassinated President Jovenel Mo├»se’s mandate expired Has.

After 391 days at the head of the country, Henry also does not have the confidence of the Haitian population, the letter says.

Given this scenario, they encouraged the 10 incumbent senators to ensure the conduct of the political dialogue that would enable the formation of an interim government.

That government should work to ensure security, hold general elections and arm the country with constitutionally elected officials to address the nation’s biggest problems, they said.

The organizations’ demands come after the country’s main political forces gathered in the Montana Agreement and confirmed on September 11 that attempts at dialogue and negotiations had ended.

Montana signatories asserted that the government had no intention of solving the country’s crisis, while the prime minister’s allies called for reaching a broader consensus.

Without a national deal that enables stability, it’s difficult to think of an electoral process that gives legitimacy to state officials, alongside negotiations to tackle the armed groups responsible for hundreds of deaths, experts say.

In July alone, according to the National Network in Defense of Human Rights, clashes between gangs left about 300 dead and thousands of people forced to flee their homes.