They call for the urgent adoption of the law against hunger in Colombia

They call for the urgent adoption of the law against hunger in Colombia

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Bogotá, 19th August (RHC) Colombian Senate President Roy Barreras said this Friday that passage of the law against hunger in the South American country was urgent, as part of what he called “a comprehensive look at food security and food security.” Sovereignty, Rural Development and Rural Economy”.

The Barreras statements came as part of the National Agreement Against Hunger Forum held that day, a meeting organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Parliamentary Front Against Hunger via AMEXCID-FAO Mesoamerica was organized hunger free program.

“Today we urgently need to pass the hunger law and tax reform, which are essential to ensure food security for Colombians,” said the Group leader.

Senator César Pachon took part in the panel discussion and reported that the goals of the Hunger Bill would be to guarantee the right to food and reduce the cost of food production. “The only war we will fight is the fight against hunger,” he added.

For her part, Sandra Ramírez of the Comunes party said: “There is an urgent need to guarantee the right to decent and quality food and to promote the implementation of point 1 of the Peace Agreement (of Havana, of 2016)”, the “Reform Rural Integral (es is necessary) to develop production from the field”.

Meanwhile, FAO representative in Colombia, Alan Bojanic, pointed out that farmers must be provided with the tools to till the field: “The state needs resources and decisive action, the farmer’s work must be dignified,” he explained .

Last January, the FAO warned of the dangers of deepening “food insecurity,” noting that Colombia is the country in South America most at risk of food insecurity.

The assessment was rejected by Iván Duque’s then-Colombian government, and he applied to the FAO to exclude his country from the report.

In that report, the FAO warned that part of the Colombian population would face a significant worsening of acute food insecurity (hunger) in the coming months, putting their lives and livelihoods at risk. (Source: Telesur)