They assure in Spain that Luis Miguel is not behind Paloma Cuevas, but behind his farm

They assure in Spain that Luis Miguel is not behind Paloma Cuevas, but behind his farm

during the show “dislike gossip”led by Javier Cerianithat is taken care of Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas are dating for romantic reasonsin Spain, defended and assured the Iberian designer The only thing that connects them to the “Sol de México” is a friendship and a possible business opportunity.

According to the Spanish show ‘Sálvame’, the bullfighter’s ex Henry Ponce and the former of Aracely Arambula They don’t meet because they want to spend the summer together in Spain or Italy, but simply because they get along well and because the interpreter of “La Incondicional” is very interested in buying Cetrina estate in Jaén, Spain.

“Luis Miguel has been aiming for five months to buy the Cetrina estate, now owned by Paloma Cuevas, as a result of her separation from Enrique Ponce,” said journalist María Patiño on the Iberian program “Sálvame”. tried to deny the statements of the ‘Güero Cabaretero’ about the alleged intentions of both.

Following this exchange of information, Javier Ceriani spoke briefly on Friday’s program “Sálvame”, where he tried to defend his statements in front of the group of panellists of the Telecinco program.

“He’s going to spend the summer with Paloma. This is a plan by Luis Miguel. He is aware that they will go to Italy to drive yachts, that he will be on the farm and that he does not have a single peso. Paloma is perfect to spend the summer. Luis Miguel is a man who seeks money when he needs it.

He’s a man who’s broken. He was saved with the Netflix series, but he was broke. His yacht was confiscated. He’s lost his houses, he’s a man who’s broke from his addiction and all the intoxication,” said the Argentine moderator, to the surprise of his European colleagues.

According to his words, Javier was interrupted by María Patiño, who repeated what she knows and what people close to Paloma have told her, that the only interest between the two is to sell the farm and nothing else, but we will say it over time ” Gossip No Like” or “Sálvame” were right.

“He shows interest in buying this farm. If he’s broke, I don’t know how he can buy them, and besides, I don’t know if he made the decision or not,” María Patiño said before moving on to other subjects.

What about the farm that Luis Miguel is said to be buying?

The property, which dates from 1997, was built by the Architects Francisco Diaz and Salvador Sanjuanwhich gave it its own style, in addition to the wishes of Enrique Ponce, who wanted the main entrance to be inspired by the Main entrance of the Maestranza in Seville.

The main house, spread over three floors, has an extension of 4,520 square feet.
The ground floor consists of a hallway, a kitchen, a dining room, a dining room, a living room, a main room, a billiard room, a bullfighting room, an office and a full bathroom.

The second floor consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms, while the lower floor features an impressive wine cellar.

Outside there is a decking area, expansive green areas, cultivated areas, cattle areas, swimming pool, rodeo and even a bullring.

The property not only attracts attention for its indoor and outdoor spaces, but also stands out for its spectacular views of the Cañada de Los Yeros.

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