They are filtering a video of Shakira being attacked by

They are filtering a video of Shakira being attacked by her ex mother in law in front of Piqué

Barcelona, ​​Spain.

A new chapter has opened between the relationship of Shakira and Gerard pique. The relationship has remained in the eye of the hurricane for several months after they announced their split, but it was all sparked after the Colombian released a song with bizarre.

The Colombian artist dedicated a large part of the song to her ex-husband and its impact went viral, ranking number one in trends on social networks and being the most listened to Latin American artist in the world.

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However, a new video showing the terrible relationship with him has leaked on social networks Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torradomother of Gerard Pique. The short clip released features the then-couple with Nidia.

At the beginning of the clip, Piqué’s mother is observed abruptly holding Shakira’s face with her hand and then sticking her finger in her mouth as a sign of silence while Shaki puts on a jacket.

In the background, the ex-footballer can be seen without defending his wife, instead he can be seen looking away as if ignoring what is happening in front of his eyes.