They are evaluating the filing of criminal charges against Trump for attacking the Capitol

They are evaluating the filing of criminal charges against Trump for attacking the Capitol

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WASHINGTON, June 15 (RHC) – The United States House of Representatives special committee investigating the attack on the Capitol is analyzing Wednesday whether to file criminal charges against former President Donald Trump for his involvement in the riots.

It is necessary for a growing number of Democrats to provide the Justice Department with the information obtained as a result of the investigation into the events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters of the former President stormed Congress to prevent the validation of the Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

What they found is a criminal conspiracy, Democratic MP Juan Vargas told The Hill newspaper, who agrees with other colleagues in his party that Trump’s theory of voter fraud was the driving force behind the protests .

Based on what we have heard over the past few days, I think there is enough evidence to warrant a criminal complaint, MP Adriano Espaillat said.

The possibility of denouncing the former president for his role in the attack on Congressional headquarters came to the fore after Select Committee President Bennie Thompson said he would not issue criminal notices to the Department of Justice (DOJ). will. .

That’s not our job, it’s up to us to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding Jan. 6 that led to it and make recommendations thereafter, Thompson said.

However, the group’s vice leader, Republican Liz Cheney, indicated that it was not a decision and was still being evaluated.

The Justice Department has already indicted around 800 people in connection with the protests, including members of various far-right groups, who are accused of seditious conspiracy.

While a criminal referral by the select committee carries no legal weight, it would put additional pressure on the DOJ to investigate members of Trump’s inner circle and even the former White House chief himself.

Public hearings into the events began last week, and testimony was heard in last Monday’s session from former advisers, including former Attorney General William Barr, who said they briefed the Republican leader on the lack of fraud in the 2020 election, he however, ignored them.

Trump allies, including most Republicans on Capitol Hill, were quick to defend the former president, downplaying Jan. 6 violence and accusing Democrats of waging a “witch hunt” to harm them politically.

Meanwhile, Democrats insist on closing the fence on Trump when five months before the general election and polls acknowledge the former president’s hold on Republican Party bases, despite the steady surface of evidence of his share of the responsibility at the polls riots. (font: Latin Press).