They are demanding the release of four journalists arrested in

They are demanding the release of four journalists arrested in the attack by the Peruvian police on the University of San Marcos


The National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP) has denounced the arrest of at least four information experts from Puno, who were arrested in the police attack on the University of San Marcos in Lima this Saturday, which was attended by more than 200 protesters.

“We demand the immediate release of detained regional journalists” as they covered the police operation, the ANP released in a statement.

It’s about Fama TV’s special envoy Paty Condori Huanca; the reporter from Radio Huancané and Líder TV Percy Pampamallco Yancachajlla and the reporter from Radio Sudamericana in Juliaca César Huasaca Abarca and at least one other professional yet to be identified.

These journalists “were arbitrarily detained at the Study House along with more than a hundred people who spent the night at said compound.”

“The ANP went to the Headquarters of the Criminal Police Department (DIRINCRI) and the Directorate Against Terrorism (DIRCOTE) to check on the situation of their colleagues. After reporting the arrest for at least 4 hours, they were able to confirm their location. whose whereabouts were unknown until then,” the company said.

In addition, the ANP recalls that the police operation “resulted in serious violations of human rights, as the police officers entered the university campus without the presence of the public prosecutor’s office and the access of lawyers was prevented”.

Around 400 riot police, supported by special forces, stormed with tanks on Saturday, ripped down one of the entrance gates to the University of San Marcos and arrested more than 200 people. According to testimonies gathered by the Peruvian press, shots were fired and tear gas used, although there was no resistance.

Delegations of protesters who came from different parts of Peru to take part in the so-called Toma de Lima as part of the protests against President Dina Boluarte, who was elected after the removal of Pedro Castle.