They accuse Shakira of plagiarism again, this time for her dance on Tik Tok

They accuse Shakira of plagiarism again, this time for her dance on Tik Tok

The song that premiered Shakira on January 11 with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, dubbed ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’She was undoubtedly successful and in the media, but not only because of the taunts launched by the Barranquillera against her ex-partner, former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Shortly after its premiere, a controversy erupted on social media as to whether the song was plagiarized Venezuelan singer Briella affirmed that she found similar parts in the chorus and rhythm with one of her singles.

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Briella has put together the pieces where she found the resemblance in a video she uploaded to her social networks and while not pointing out that it was plagiarism, she did possibly Shakira had been inspired by his music, his words created divided opinions among netizens. Many people supported it and indicated that they also found the resemblance, while others criticized it.

Due to this controversy, the young woman hired the lawyer Jean Paul Vissepo, who, in an interview with the Telemundo program “La Mesa Caliente”, explained what the intentions of the Venezuelan artist were, including not “making problems” or suing Shakira.

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“Mostly because of the controversy. Both parties are very serious parties. A controversy was sparked by a tweet; There’s a lot of respect, but it’s just because of the controversy. As Briella says, it can be a coincidence and she doesn’t want a bittersweet feeling. It’s not about a lawsuit or anything like that, it’s just about clarifying the matter. Just to be clear: if it was a coincidence, it was a coincidence,” Vissepo told Telemundo.

New allegation of plagiarism against Shakira

This time the claim is made by content creator Voonnie, who has 1.3 million followers on her TikTok profile and is dedicated to singing and dancing. It is precisely on this social network that he usually shares choreography videos that collect more than 47 million likes.

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A week ago the young dancer shared a choreography he created for the song by Shakira and Bizarrap, BZRP Music Sessions #53. The video went viral on TikTok, with hundreds of people following her dance.

A few hours ago, Shakira shared a video on her social networks performing the same choreographyHowever, he did give the creation credits to a group of dancers called Bella Dose, so Voonnie responded to the fact.

“Shakira makes my trend but gives credit to other people. I’m dying of illusions and at the same time I’m sorry,” the young woman wrote in the publication, in which she combined her dance with Shakira’s.

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