These counter offensive scenarios that Kyiv is preparing to win

These counter offensive scenarios that Kyiv is preparing to win the war

Ukrainian soldiers prepare to fire shells at Russian positions near Donetsk on Sunday. STRINGER/Portal

DECODE – As Russia prepares for a “massification” of the conflict, Ukraine ponders its next targets.

Drone attacks on Ukraine sow death and fear, but do nothing to change the war. On Monday, a new volley hit Kyiv and other regions. Ukrainian forces claimed to have intercepted 39 drones, 22 of which were aimed at the capital. Damage to electrical infrastructure has been reported. Despite constant and massive attacks over the past three days, the Ukrainian authorities are still showing the same determination as if to stave off impending exhaustion. The Russians “lose. Drones, missiles and everything else don’t help them. Because we are together,” said President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday evening. The man shows an iron will. But after ten months of offensive, counteroffensive and resistance, the Ukrainians, like the Russians, will have to prepare for a new stage in order not to fall into the trap of a war of attrition.

“Ukrainians are preparing something, it’s obvious,” the minister confided…

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