these changes that make us adopt it

these changes that make us adopt it

Every school year, Apple surprises us with a new line of iPhones. Increasingly worked, they still arouse the interest of many followers. With new designs and new technologies, iPhones become a digital revolution every year. This regulation will not change for the beginning of the 2022 school year, on the contrary. The iPhone 14 and its new features may herald a bright future in satellite telephony. While the price may put some off, there are some changes here iPhone 14 who deserve to make an appointment at the Apple Store.

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More advanced technology

The new iPhone generation promises an unprecedented assistance system from Apple. There ? Thanks to a bio-core capable of detecting g-accelerations of up to 256g, it allows emergency services to be contacted in the event of a major problem. On the iPhone 14, a new feature allows you to “Crash Detection”. Detect serious car accidents and call first when the driver is unable to do so. Between the GPS service and advanced motion detection algorithms, the iPhone is able to send precise information to help. In addition, this function, in combination with the Apple Watch, helps to better care for the injured person in an emergency. And as an unprecedented innovation: a satellite emergency call service. Of course, no SIM card or Wi-Fi service is required to make a call. And in order to facilitate contact with the emergency services, pre-established questions are proposed to the user. If this new technology is revolutionary, it is currently only available in North America starting in November.

A professional camera system

What appeals to fans of the brand year after year is the photo quality, which keeps improving. After testing it, we can only validate it. The new photo system surpasses anything imaginable in terms of phone capabilities. The photo sensor of the iPhone 14 is wider than its predecessors and allows you to benefit from a new mode of action to better stabilize your photos and videos on the move. And if photos and videos are 12 megapixels by default, they can be scaled up to 48 megapixels for higher quality thanks to Apple’s ProRAW mode. These new details serve us as more detailed and brighter photos, especially in low light, on a silver platter. We as photo enthusiasts are excited, we can imagine the excitement of the pros at these new features.

A new interactive user experience

When Apple launches a new line of iPhones, it tries to make the experience even more unique. For the iPhone 14, the bet is on hold as new new features emerge. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer an Always Display mode. It’s a way to lock the screen of our phone but keep the time and some applications displayed while limiting the phone’s power consumption. And on the screen side, Apple introduces an innovation with a dynamic island mode, an animated interface that allows you to share the various information from the applications.


Did you start exercising again at the beginning of the school year? We and Apple also helped each other a lot to get back into the rhythm. Since the creation of the Apple Fitness+ range for the Apple Watch, the brand has won over sports lovers. Unfortunately, this feature was only available to users with an Apple Watch. So, to accompany the release of its new smartphone, Apple is doing available Apple Fitness+ for all iPhone users in the 21 countries where the service is offered, even if they don’t own an Apple Watch. With increasingly accurate data, it will be possible to track our movements and calories burned in real time. The different activities offered help us to move and eliminate raclette and other comforting winter dishes!

And Apple wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t offer us an increasingly iconic color with each iPhone release. At 14, it’s purple that gets hearts beating faster. The very intense color gives us the impression of having a futuristic and unique phone. Available in 3 sizes from 14 to 14 Pro Max, we fell in love with the 14 Pro. It’s the perfect size for us. Neither too small nor too big, it fits perfectly in our pocket or in our pocket and is comfortable in the hand.