These are the two new entrants joining The House of

These are the two new entrants joining The House of Famous 3

After the departures of the Puerto Rican model Monique Sanchez and the champion of the “Exatlón México” Aristeo CazaresShe came to her respective on “The House of Famous 3”. Substitute. It’s like that, a man and a woman that is new participants of the successful reality show from Telemundo They already live with their other companions.

He’s so famous prince from soap operaswho worked Aracely Arambulaalongside other famous actresses, and a influencers Argentina has a lot Experience in this way programsShe landed on the controversial show with a goal of securing a spot in the finals.

These are the two new entrants joining The House of

Argentine actor Diego Soldano replaces Aristeo Cázares.

It’s about the Argentine actor Diego Soldanowho played with Aracely Arambula successful soap operas produced by Telemundo as “the patron“, “The miserable” And “the Lady“.

Upon arrival the prince spoke to that driver from reality Hector Sandarti And Jimena Gallego. “I’m very calm, very calm, I want to live this experience, I find it exciting, exciting. I’m like a kid going to an amusement park,” said the actor.

Exploiting his status prince And seductive, Diego admitted with some nonsense Advantage to enter the house when the show is already running a few weeks ago. “The advantage of coming in a little later is that I’ve already seen that there are very beautiful and lonely women. I have an open heart to what can happen,” he said. Soldano.

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Argentinian influencer Samira Jalil was ready to win the competition.

After receiving the actor, it was his turn Samira prisonintroducing himself to his classmates and describing his qualities. “I’m a Molotov cocktail, they are insecure, but I have many qualities, skills, love, hate, passion, I have everything to add spice and life to this house,” said Jalil, who has participated in several reality shows has in Spain where his face is very popular.

Additionally, Samira spoke of his personality. “I’m spontaneous, direct and I don’t have any filters. I have the soul of a champion and whoever wants to give me a hard time will swallow it in just 1 second,” said the Argentine.