These are the performances of the eight finalists of the

These are the performances of the eight finalists of the Benidorm Fest

The race to choose the artist who will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 ends this Saturday, February 4th in the Benidorm Fest final, which can be seen on TVE La 1 from 10:05 p.m. The eight participants who emerged from the semifinals this Tuesday (Agoney with 166 points, Alice Wonder with 119, Fusa Nocta with 118 and Megara with 111) and this Thursday (Blanca Paloma with 167 points, Vicco with 135). Karmento at 112 and José Otero at 105) will repeat their performances to allow the jury to determine the winner. The order of the songs in the finale is as follows: Karmento, Megara, Alice Wonder, Fusa Nocta, Agoney, Blanca Paloma, José Otero and Vicco.

The assessment of the expert jury is 50% for the three galas. The other half goes to the public vote, although in this case it is divided into two: 25% goes to the demoscopic jury – a statistical selection of 350 people representing the Spanish population – and 25% depends on the televoting, ie the Messages and calls from viewers of the live galas. Here we review the eight performances by the finalists.

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EAEA, White Dove (167 points)

The EAEA theme of Lorca by Blanca Paloma from Elche starts as a favourite. Her power in flamenco singing and an aesthetic similar to that of Rosalía are striking. She is also the only contestant to repeat the competition, having placed fifth in 2022 with Secreto de agua.

I want to burn, agoney (166 points)

The explosive choreography and rhythm changes in Agoney’s song won over audiences: he was the artist with the most votes from the non-professional jury. The song’s message may also have had an impact, representing a reappropriation of a homophobic message as a claim of the LGTBI+ collective.

Nocturnal, Vicco (135 points)

Nonchentera is the most reproduced song on the platforms and social networks of the contestants. The song, sticky as chewing gum and close to Aitana’s radio formula sound universe, has retained its strength live without much fanfare in its production.

I wish Alice Wonder (119 points)

For her ballad Yo Quiisiera, Alice Wonder chose a minimalist staging that began with her sitting at the piano and grew in intensity to end with the artist standing on the stage lit by blue rays.

My family, Fusa Nocta (118 points)

Fusa Nocta, another of the most popular artists since the 18 participants were announced, has interpreted a song close to the universe of Rosalía, mixing hip-hop and flamenco. He was escorted onto the stage by a car.

I want and mourn, Karmento (112 points)

Karmento won over the referendum with her Manchego folklore Quiero y duelo, performed in a white dress and in an ambience that pays homage to her roots.

Arcadia, Megara (111 points)–4pm

The most rocking song by the Madrid quartet Megara has qualified for the final. Its aesthetic combines the metal style with the cyberpunk of video games.

Winter on Mars, José Otero (105 points)

For his ballad Invierno en Marte, José Otero opted for a dramatic staging in which red and black predominated (colors also used by Agoney).

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