These are the new photos that complicate Anuel AA

These are the new photos that complicate Anuel AA

Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA The 29-year-old is one of the greatest references in the urban genre and that’s why both his face and his songs have already traveled the world. He recently toured Europe, arriving accompanied by his wife jailin and met again with the fans of the old continent.

The truth is that these days Anuel AA He had to continue his work commitments in the United States but decided to cancel his tour with a statement he issued stating that he needed time to focus on his new album and that he also had personal issues in order to that he has to take care of.

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Immediately all eyes fell on her husband. jailin who has been trying to conceive for some time but at the moment they have not confirmed the news and are also shown on social networks doing their thing as usual. Now the couple is in the Dominican Republic, the country where the woman lives Anuel AA.

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Anuel AA and Yailin’s nephews. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

From there, jailin photos posted by Anuel AA surrounded by children who seem to be relatives of hers, and then the interpreter from “China” gave the touch when he shared a photo with a child who apparently is a fan of his on his feed, but netizens took it wrong and started claiming that he is taking care of their children instead of playing with others.

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Anuel and a fan. Source: instagram @anuel

Anuel AA He is the father of Pablo, product of his past relationship with Astrid Cuevas, and newborn baby Gianella, who was born after a fleeting encounter between the singer and Colombian model Melisa Vallecilla, but the artist never took responsibility, despite promising to fulfill his duties as a father when the woman broke the news to him.