These 4 zodiac signs are going to have the worst

These 4 zodiac signs are going to have the worst month of October, but it’s taking them to a beautiful and unexpected place

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If you are one of the zodiac signs that will have the worst month of October 2022, don’t let it get you down. That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to experience disaster, just that the planets are taking a little more toll on you than usual. However, let’s not forget that if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard spot, it’s also the perfect print to form a diamond.

Thankfully, the month begins with a glimmer of hope as Mercury retrograde *finally* comes to an end on October 2nd. That means things will be smoother soon, so take advantage of this moment of clarity. If you’re still feeling the retrograde confusion, it’s only because Mercury won’t emerge from the post-retrograde shadow until October 16th. In the meantime, give yourself a chance to understand everything that has happened in the last three weeks.

On October 9th, the full moon in Aries will strike a match and set the whole world on fire. You can expect to become bolder about something in your life, especially when it comes to following your chosen path and working hard to achieve your dreams. If there’s one thing Aries can’t stand, it comes second. However, let’s not forget to celebrate every win, because let’s face it… you could also come in third.

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While Libra season often feels light-hearted and romantic, Scorpio season can feel intense, brooding, and passionate. Starting October 23rd, this year’s Scorpio season is much more transformative than usual. Not only is Scorpio famous for their urge to create and destroy, but they are also known for holding on to what they don’t want to let go of. And as an October 25 solar eclipse in Scorpio broadcasts changes throughout the cosmos, you may feel your grip tighten if you’re not willing to let the past be in the past.

As Jupiter returns to spiritual, empathetic, and highly sensitive Pisces on October 28, you may feel even more receptive to emotional openness. This will be a wonderful energy to use for healing, so embrace the feeling of being one with the universe. However, with argumentative Mars in Gemini retrograde on October 30, you will learn so much about when to bite your tongue and when to rebuke someone. Remember – words can leave a lasting impression.

If your sun and/or ascendant sign happens to fall under one of these zodiac signs, astrology in October 2022 will not be easy, but it will be exciting:

These 4 zodiac signs will have the best month

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At the beginning of the month, you may feel more focused on getting work done and taking care of your needs. As the Sun in Libra moves through your 6th house of health and routine, this month encourages you to get to the root of your ailments. There’s a fine line between being productive and being a workaholic, so remember – a break is necessary. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get organized, take it one step at a time.

However, once the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio on October 23, you may notice the drama and intensity begin to build. Scorpio season will bring your 7th house of partnership to life, highlighting the people you share your life with and the level of harmony that is exchanged between you. By the time there is a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, you may notice a big change is on the horizon in a relationship. Right now, the universe is letting you know who you want in your life and who you’re willing to part with (at least for now).

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Prepare to feel lively, intellectual and sociable at the beginning of the month. Libra season activates your 11th house of hopes and desires, illuminating your dreams and bringing you closer to those who share your vision. Expand your network because it is directly linked to your wealth!

However, as Scorpio season kicks off on October 23, you may be feeling more sensitive to external stimuli and ready to retire from the world for a while. As the sun slumbers through your 12th house of spirituality and solitude, spend the second half of October getting to know yourself on a deep and intrinsic level. Don’t skimp on introspection because it will serve you well as the month draws to a close. Mars – planet of conflict – will be stationed retrospectively in your 7th house of partnerships on October 30th, showing how you deal with frustration in your relationship and how you react to the people in your life in difficult moments. How can you use this high level of passion to work together instead of against each other?

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You’ve grown so much in the last year Aquarius. As Saturn – planet of karma and long-term growth – has continued its journey through Aquarius, it has also forced you to realize who you are becoming while letting go of earlier versions of yourself. Make no mistake – being disciplined about who you are and what you stand for changes your confidence. As the Libra Sun shines a light on your sprawling and adventurous 9th house through October 23, you are encouraged to step back and look at the bigger picture. See how far you’ve come?

However, you still have a long way to go. And on October 25 you will begin to understand what career change you are ready for. As a solar eclipse in Scorpio triggers a transformation in your 10th house of reputation and public standing, you are ready to make a name for yourself. The question is: What meaning will your name have?

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At the beginning of October you may be feeling a little heavy hearted and emotionally intense. As the Sun and Venus move through your 8th house of intimacy and transformation through October 23, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to shed your skin and embrace something new. It’s time to let go of what you’ve long outgrown, because you’re ready to connect with something else; something that shows so much potential. And don’t worry, because help is on the way and will come when you least expect it.

As Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 28, it will encourage you to develop a deep and intrinsic love for yourself. There’s a big difference between confidence and self-acceptance because while confidence is often fleeting, self-acceptance is liberating. As Jupiter directs its energy inward and encourages inner expansion, you will also learn how to cultivate self-love without needing the same level of validation from the rest of the world.

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