There "scar"the latest dangerous fashion game on Tik Tok that can leave scars

In recent days, many teenagers have been pinching their cheeks to reveal that famous “scar”. A fad that has emerged on Tik Tok that is not without risk.

It’s been a few days since images of college students with a cut on their face hit the social network. This final Tik Tok challenge consists of pinching your cheek as hard as possible to allow a bruise to appear and in this way reveal a scar.

“I did it last week. At first it hurts a little and it swells up. Luckily, then the pain goes away. I had the mark for four more days. I told my parents that I was hit,” Selma said , a fourth grade student, Parisian.

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“The aesthetic risk is there”

A dangerous challenge that is better avoided is provided by the dermatologist Marie Jourdan in the columns of the daily newspaper: “To want to mark the cheek temporarily, the risk for these young people is to get a persistent spider angioma, and with it preserve aesthetic consequences.

Too much pressure on the cheek leads to disruption of blood microcirculation. Marks that, according to the dermatologist, can leave permanent marks on the face of young people: “A spider angioma disappears after two years on average, but I regularly treat them with lasers that do not go away. The price of the session can be between 100 and 200 euros. For the moment I have not had to deal with cases related to this new trend, but I repeat: the aesthetic risk is “A dangerous fashion that could leave its mark on teenagers.