1664719998 There are deaths in North Carolina due to Ians passage

There are deaths in North Carolina due to Ian’s passage

That Hurricane Ian caused enormous damage North Carolina in its wake, the phenomenon felled trees, left thousands without power, caused flooding and also caused fatal victims.

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This is despite the fact that the state has already arrived at downgraded tropical storm and not as a strong hurricane to be affected Cuba and Florida.

North Carolina authorities have confirmed this four fatalities in the wake of Ian.

Three of the dead are involved vehicle accidentswhile the other dead man was drunk carbon monoxide.

The deaths caused by Ian

That Johnston County Police reported they were found dead this Saturday morning 65 year old man in Clayton.

Apparently the man would have switched on a generator with the garage closed and He died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The agents of Johnston County Sheriff’s Office When they got home, they heard a neighbor’s carbon monoxide alarm. None of the neighbors required hospitalization.

Last Friday, late at night, a 24-year-old woman died in a car accident also in Clayton.

His 2001 Chevrolet Malibu went off the road and crashed hard into a tree moisture on the asphalt.

There are deaths in North Carolina due to Ians passageThe rains and flooding were a constant after Ian’s passage. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On the same Friday, a The 25-year-old man had another accident in in Raleigh Road in Johnston Countyafter losing control and colliding with another car in the middle of the storm. The young man He died as a result.

The fourth victim happened there in Martin County A 22-year-old man drowned after his truck crashed into a swamp. after it went off the road.

The authorities have pointed this out Thousands of people are still without electricity and incommunicado. More fatalities are likely to be found.