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The zodiac signs who will be the happiest in 2023: A great year begins – Gesundheit+ Mag

Jupiter in Aries, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn and Venus conjunct Pluto. Thanks to these cosmic movements, these zodiac signs can count on the favor of the stars: in 2023 they will be lucky!

Many people wonder what fate has in store for them this New Year. Astrologers have revealed which zodiac signs will be particularly lucky in 2023. The horoscope is in your favor and your hour of luck is upon you!

Which zodiac signs will be lucky in 2023?

What if it was your turn to get lucky in 2023? Certain zodiac signs are supported by the horoscope and can benefit from a hefty dose of luck. Sometimes the missing piece of the puzzle is actually that little help to succeed. Between romantic success and professional success, certain astrological signs multiply fortunes in 2023. Something to make their lives easier!


repression cancer

Star sign Cancer. Source: spm

2023 will be synonymous with happiness, success and happiness for you who were born in Cancer sign. Sun, Mercury and Venus are aligned and promise to grant your desires. Your potential will be appreciated and your efforts will bear fruit. You are especially valued by the people around you. You will experience great success both professionally and personally.



Zodiac Sagittarius. Source: spm

In 2023, the stars will favor you. You even wrote that you will succeed. If you have plans, it’s time to act! If you dare and take courage in both hands, you will achieve everything you have always dreamed of. Your creativity and confidence will ultimately be highlighted and valued. Your innate qualities will help you move forward and make your desires come true.



Star signs fish. Source: spm

Pisces is one of the most creative and sensitive zodiac signs. In 2023 fate will speak to you and you will remember it well. Besides happiness smiling at you, you will achieve your dreams, succeed in your love life and achieve success in your career. Focus on what you really want and follow your heart. Destiny will help you get what you want and achieve your goals.

Other zodiac signs who will be lucky in 2023

As I’m sure you understood, the planets and stars have decided to support you and bestow their blessings on you if you reside in certain zodiac signs.


arrogant bull

Star sign Taurus. Source: spm

Jupiter will be in your sign from the middle of May and will send you positive vibes until the end of the year. Luck will be your ally and will accompany you in all your projects. If you have a project or a wish in mind, it’s time to try your luck. From mid-May, the good news will increase. Everything is possible, don’t waste any time and benefit from these positive waves.



Zodiac sign Scorpio. Source: spm

In 2023 you will encounter lightness and happiness that you have not been used to for a while. If you have ambitions and projects in mind, now might be the right time. The stars give you the lucky streak you need! Take advantage of it and seize your chances.


lucky Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac sign. Source: spm

For Capricorns, success and happiness will carry you forward, despite some pitfalls throughout the year. It’s time to get out of your bubble and get started. Happiness will be there. You no longer have the right to complain. Take advantage of this gift from the stars without asking too many questions. Whether in love or at work, don’t hesitate and get started.

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