the wrath of De Filippi a face caught and killed

the wrath of De Filippi: a face caught and killed!

Maria De Filippi gives a different twist to men and women for the public of Canale 5. Another driver leaves the program after they have been exposed. This is Claudio F., the man who landed on the show and caught the attention of Tina Cipollari with his wealth. It all starts with Gemma Galgani complaining about being mistreated by three knights. Among these is Claudio. The other two are Michele and Roberto.

All three are accused of actually having an unfriendly attitude towards Galgani. “I agree with Gemma, when you decide to date a person and you don’t like them anymore, you need to talk. You are bastards. That you came here to play?” thunders Gianni Sperti. Claudio thinks of attracting attention, who seems snooty and overbearing while cracking jokes on Gemma a few too many. At a certain point, Michela intervenes against Gemma: “Enough, people don’t care!”.

The UeD lady was promptly called back by Gianni: “Truly a tasteless joke. Gemma is a stylish and elegant woman. Men like it a lot and young men like it too. We give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Alessandro Rausa will take charge of the situation. The latter reproaches the lady for not behaving in the best way and reminds her that she has arrived on the program to meet him.

At first, Maria takes it out on Michele, who had accepted Gemma’s number and now only claims he has no intention of meeting her. “They knew how to do it,” the presenter notes immediately. Strength comes when De Filippi asks everyone to take their places except for Claudio, who remains in the studio center and is accompanied by two ladies.

UeD: Maria sends another knight home

He made acquaintances with the two women and with Gabriella, which ended badly today. From the start, Maria is very upset by the presence of Claudio, who introduces himself as a very rich count. Especially de Filippi gets nervous when he suddenly says that The knight said he was in love with Gabriellawhich leaves even the latter stunned.

“Look, they’re still giving you the applause. No, the applause is not the case that you give me. I didn’t know that you also produce. It’s so strange what’s happening to you… He discovers he’s being taken by a person he didn’t have anything with. Don’t remember the person’s name or the kiss? So you fell in love on Monday? She is amazed too. She feels a little tricked”

The problem is, that Suddenly Claudio said he was in love with Gabriella. Maria does not believe in this sudden feeling at all, while, among other things, she continues to meet other ladies. Not only that, Claudio created a show with Tina Cipollari that he didn’t even want other women to dance to.

In fact, De Filippi finds it absurd that he had this attitude while preferring to “play” with Tina. Gabriella reveals her version of events at this point.

“There was just a touch kiss, let’s call it that, but absolutely nothing. It pressed from the first time. The first dinner was where we met. And I have to say that she turned out to be a nice and brilliant person. But he told me to give him an exclusive. I ask him: but exclusively on what?”

To justify his strange behavior, which is not fully understood anyway, Claudio claims to have felt a feeling that told him that he could have had an important story with Gabriella. “But then you come here and Tina proposes. And it’s the famous day when you don’t even dance with Gemma,” explains Maria.

Gabriella believes it’s a matter of respect alongside the feeling she has a hard time believing. “When the feeling for Tina was there, I hadn’t developed the feeling for Gabriella yet,” explains Claudio again. For this reason, Maria wants to know why she asked Gabriella for an exclusivityalso seem so presumptuous.

Furthermore, this comes out Claudio also told Gabriella that he was actually not interested in any woman he was dating. Tina rebels against the knight’s attitude: “It’s not like you can hold 3 or 4 people and say you kept them out of courtesy.” Gianni Sperti will take care of closing this curtain inviting Claudio to to exit the program.

“Now you won’t be able to meet other people? Since you’re in love… Now he needs to go home to think.”

And here too, after the departure of Biagio Di Maro Claudio has no choice but to leave. The now ex-knight gets up and leaves the studio, also annoyed. “Without serious casualties,” De Filippi insists as soon as Claudio goes backstage.