quotThe worst thing he couldnt doquot Francesco Totti fully paved

"The worst thing he couldn’t do": Francesco Totti fully paved | e’s what he did to him

The story of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi remains one of the “hot” topics of recent weeks, if not the most followed. That depends on many factors: the public’s interest in the private lives of celebrities, but also the fact that the same celebrities who ask for privacy will confess to the press and also reveal embarrassing details and background of their private lives.

This means that the so-called “insiders”, i.e. opinion leaders, journalists, newspaper directors, but also VIP colleagues (who may never have met those directly involved) continue Comments around. In short, everyone has their own idea and everyone sides with one of the competitors.

francesco-totti-solospettacolo.itFrancesco Totti – Solospettacolo.it

Even Alex Nuccetelli Klar defended Totti by instead telling details from the married life of Totti and Blasi, Selvaggia Lucarelli and many others criticized the former Pupone for the interview he gave to the Corriere della Sera in which Totti blames his ex-wife almost entirely for the failure of the marriage. The former footballer has been criticized for the tones, the content and among his critics, too former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro.

Manila Nazzaro interfered in the program Italian stories directed by Eleonora Daniele during the episode on Friday, September 30. VIP breakups and divorces were discussed and among the guests were Guenda Goria, who spoke about the separation of parents Maria Teresa Ruta and Amedeo Goria, and, of all people, Manila Nazzaro, who divorced former footballer Francesco Cozza, with whom he has been dating since 2005 was 2017. A turbulent separation and divorce, during which she learns in the media that her ex-husband has a new relationship and a new family.

“The worst interview of his life”

However, A Storie Italiane, Manila chimed in to talk about Towers and the interview. “I think Totti did it The worst interview of his life the should never have done it and I think so extremely remorseful‘ were his words about the affair. The former Miss Italy then wanted to point out that in such situations it is important to surround yourself with the right people who are able to offer the right advice at the right time and refer to their personal history.

manila-nazzaro-storie-italiane-solospettacolo.itManlla Nazzaro at Italian Stories – Solospettacolo.it

“Totti was certainly badly advised, it even happened to my little one,” he revealed. “I suffered a lot. It’s important to have the right people by my side during the split because it’s still a traumatic period,” he added, hinting that Totti, like him, doesn’t have the right people around were. ..

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