‘The Worst Mistake of My Life’: The Advice That Shakira Will Never Forgive Her Mother  In  Law

‘The Worst Mistake of My Life’: The Advice That Shakira Will Never Forgive Her Mother In Law

Since June 4, 2022, the Colombian singer Shakira and the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué announced their separation in a statement.

“We are sorry to have to confirm that we are separating. For the sake of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that privacy be respected. Thank you for your understanding,” it said at the time and in a short statement signed by “Shakira and Gerard”.

Shakira and Piqué began their love story in 2011 and currently have two children, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 7, although they didn’t want to get married.

Both celebrities have been the subject of media due to various speculations and events.

Shakira recently caused multiple reactions after the expected collaboration with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, a song full of poisoned arrows, which was aimed at Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend Clara Chía Martí.

Released under the title BZRP Music Session #53, several celebrities also reacted to the very direct references to Piqué and Clara Chía.

The issue prompted Piqué’s current sentimental partner to speak out on social networks, although he later deleted the mysterious message he shared with his followers.

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Advice that Shakira will never forgive her mother-in-law

Due to the exchange of opinions for and against each of the celebrities, netizens recalled the moment when Shakira complained about advice from her mother-in-law, Piqué’s mother, for whom she said years ago that she would never forgive her.

In a video re-broadcast on social networks, users recalled that in 2021 Vogue magazine reviewed the careers of celebrities based on outfits, hairstyles and other curiosities.

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At the time, Shakira shared that in January 2012, she attended a ceremony that was held in France and emphasized her hair. The Colombian artist recalled attending this event with a look because her mother-in-law advised her.

“What a bad haircut. That’s the advice of my mother-in-law who said to me: “Oh why don’t you cut your hair, it’s very damaged”… The worst mistake of my life. Mother-in-law, I will not be taking your aesthetic advice again,” Shakira said.