The world is upside down Violence in schools Government needs

‘The world is upside down’: Violence in schools: Government needs to wake up

Government must step in to stop violence and problematic behavior in schools.

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This was made clear by the Liberal MP and official opposition spokeswoman for education in the National Assembly, Marwah Rizqy, on the set of the program “Le monde à l’envers” on Friday evening.

“No child is born violent, we will. When a child is violent it is because they have seen it in their immediate vicinity and often at home. There are children who need help and the adults aren’t there to help them,” she initially turned to Stéphan Bureau.

At the same time, government can no longer remain deaf to the inaction of school service centers regarding complaints about teachers and/or problematic behavior. “The upside down world are adults too who choose to look the other way. The world upside down is adults who chose to fire a teacher rather than denounce them to protect their reputation,” she said, outraged.

“People have forgotten that the only thing that matters is not your title, but the actions you are going to take,” the PLQ MP recalled.

Asked about the issue, Ms Rizqy immediately closed the door on a possible candidacy in the race for leadership of her party, recalling that she was not defending her seat but the causes close to her heart.

Political scientist Hélène Buzzetti, who recently published Plea for the Far Center, has been invited to the show to speak about the Rouleau report released on Friday. In his conclusions, Judge Paul Rouleau agreed with the federal government that it had taken emergency measures over the past year to end demonstrations by “freedom convoy” truck drivers and blockades at border crossings.

Guest debater of the week was Benoit Dutrizac, who is promoting his new documentary series ‘C’tu just me?’, which will be broadcast on Moi & Cie from Monday. The host was surrounded by Biz, Judith Lussier, Raed Hammoud and Marie-Claude Barrette.

“Le monde à l’envers” is shown live on TVA every Friday.