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The World Health Assembly started today › World › Official mouthpiece of the PCC

The 75th World Health Assembly begins on May 22nd and is expected to end on May 28th. It will be the first in-person health gathering since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Due to the ongoing renovation of the Palais des Nations, where the Assembly will be held, the number of rooms available and their capacity are limited. Therefore, access to the rooms where the meetings take place will be restricted.

In addition, there will be no side events at the Palais des Nations and participants will wear a mask.

The debates can be followed live on this website. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

The theme of this year’s Health Assembly is: Health for Peace, Peace for Health.

Strategic Round Tables

A series of strategic roundtables will be held during the 75th World Health Assembly. Here, Assembly delegates, partner organizations, civil society representatives and WHO experts will discuss current and future priorities on public health issues of global concern. The themes presented during the Director-General’s opening address at the 150th Session of the Executive Board of WHO are as follows:

  • Urgent paradigm shift towards disease prevention and health promotion: economics of health for all
  • Radical reorientation of health systems, emphasizing primary care as the basis of universal health coverage: the best and only option to achieve this coverage
  • Towards a new architecture for preparedness, response and resilience in the face of health emergencies: 10 suggestions for a safer world
  • Behavioral sciences for better health
  • A healthy return: investing in a sustainably funded WHO

About the World Health Assembly
The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of WHO. It is attended by delegations from all member states of the organization and focuses on the health program prepared by the Executive Board.

The primary responsibilities of the World Health Assembly are to set the organization’s policy, appoint the Director-General, oversee financial policy, and consider and approve the proposed program budget. The Health Assembly is held once a year in Geneva, Switzerland.

Source: WHO/UN website