The womens paradise advances February 21 2023 Roberto warns Gemma

The women’s paradise advances February 21, 2023: Roberto warns Gemma about Carlos

Let’s find out what Il Paradiso delle Signore’s progress reveals for the February 21, 2023 episode. The plots of the Rai1 soap opera episode tell us that Roberto will advise Gemma to be careful with Carlos, while Umberto, angered by the feeling between Marcello and Adelaide, he can’t wait to goad Mattia Costa.

In the bet en ladies paradise of February 21, 2023 someone Truths could destroy two soap figures. The progress ofConsequence that will work broadcast on 16.05 At Rai 1There they reveal The Roberto will be very worried about Gemma. The Landi found out The Carlos wasn’t entirely sincere with the girl and eager not to see her suffer again for love, he will try to warn them. jewel but he won’t want to hear it and He will still go out with his boyfriend. In the meantime Ezio will continue be tormented by what happened to Gloria and he will realize that he cannot keep lying to Veronica and leave Moreau with no answers to his questions. There chief saleswoman In fact, she will want to understand what her ex’s real feelings are and the situation proves she will confide in Armando. In the meantime humbertannoyed by the increasingly obvious affinity between Marcello and Adelaide will be ready to destroy the barberstakes aim at his friend Mattia Costa.

Roberto warns Gemma about Carlos: Here are the advances from Il Paradiso delle Signore of February 21, 2023

jewel started to get excited Carloswith which She indulged in a passionate kiss. But unfortunately The boy seems to be hiding something and his relationship with Venus could suffer the consequences. Roberto found out from Mario some worrying information about Zanatta’s friend and worried about her, he will try to warn them. However, Gemma will appear deaf to Landi’s words and agree to date Carlos one more time. However, the evening did not go as planned.

Anticipation The ladies’ paradise: Gloria, disappointed in Ezio, confides in Armando

Ezio is confused. After the passionate night with Gloria, all his certainties have collapsed and he really doesn’t know how to behave towards Veronica, who still doesn’t know anything, or towards Moreau. Columbus wants find a solution as soon as possible and indeed he wants to answer the right questions Gloria asked him after what happened. There chief saleswoman He wants to know what his ex is up to and how he really feels for her. Disappointed that I haven’t received an answer yet, will find solace in Armandoto whom he will entrust all his cares.

The Ladies’ Paradise Progress: Umberto ready to take revenge on Marcello

humbert And Fernando Yes, I am convinced that Mattia Costa may be very helpful in your causethat of Destroy Marcellus. Barbieri’s old friend or rather prison mate could be there right lever to force the bartender To leave the club. Guarnieri can’t wait that it happens and it can only be annoyed by the all too intimate attitude The the guy has with Adelaide. Between the countess and her protégé, the feeling grows day by day and it is clearly visible. The two then, just to annoy Umberto and Flora, push their special alliance on purpose.

Let’s find out everything Weekly Preview en Ladies’ paradise from February 20th to 24th, 2023

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