The will of Gina Lollobrigida artworks and documentation shared between

The will of Gina Lollobrigida: artworks and documentation shared between the son and the assistant

by Elvira Serra

The document with the last wishes of the actress, who died at the age of 95: the fortune will be divided equally between her son Andrea Milko Skofic and the factotum. The Etruscan vases were intended for the state

Half of the fortune went to the son and the other half to the godson, the assistant factotum who has supported her as a member of the family for the last twelve years and lived with her for eight years at home in the villa on the Appia Antica in Rome, who accompanied to appointments, organized birthday parties, holidays, outings with friends, the same person who is now on trial for incompetence for evasion. Andrea Milko Skofic and Andrea Piazzolla are the only heirs to equal shares of the estate of Gina Lollobrigida, the diva who died on January 16 at the age of 95. The will was opened on Monday evening and the contents announced at 1 p.m. yesterday by the notary Barbara Franceschini, who communicated the will of the actress to the heirs and legatees.

The regulations

The will was drawn up in Rome on January 5, 2017 in the presence of two witnesses. The executor was the Monegasque lawyer Bernard Bensa, who was given the task of liquidating his assets and dividing the proceeds among his heirs according to the established quotas, explains Francesca Romana Lupoi, the legal advisor with whom the Bersagliera had worked in 2018, when he founded the Gina Lollobrigida Trust Object of the second testament, which refers to the works of art: drawings, photographs and sculptures created by the actress during her long life. These assets, which cannot be sold, are left to Piazzolla and the entrepreneur Horatio Pagani, close friend of the protagonist of Pane, amore e fantasia, with the obligation to make them known worldwide by organizing exhibitions in the most important museums.

The text

Gina Lollobrigida writes as follows: I entrust the works of art I have created to Horatio Pagani and Andrea Piazzolla with the responsibility of making my artistic activity known and known through the promotion and organization of exhibitions in which these works must be exhibited in the most prestigious museums to make the world. I do not want these works to be sold, but I expressly authorize the legatees to reproduce the works themselves, making temporary or permanent copies on physical or digital supports. She also entrusted both of them with the original film that contained the documentary she had made about the life of Fidel Castro and authorized them to release it. While she associates the collection of Etruscan vases that Prince Maximus had given her with the Italian state: a hundred in all.

The Trial

It is useless to ask his son Milko Skofic or his lawyer Michele Gentiloni Silveri for comment on the content of the will of property, real estate and money. A hearing is scheduled in Rome today where Gina Lollobrigida should have been heard. However, the factotum’s lawyer, Filippo Morlacchini, is not pessimistic: the trial is ongoing and the essence was that the truth was recovered at the last hearing, when Andrea Piazzolla called Gina’s cardiologist and her lawyer as witnesses: both described her as a clear and unyielding person.

The trust

However, Francesca Romana Lupoi notes that whatever the outcome of the trial, Piazzolla cannot lose the ability to be heir. Pagani, whom she has met over the years, describes her as a person who is very dear to the actress: During her last hospital stay for thigh surgery last September, she made herself completely available. As for the Trust, he explains that the legal proceedings have blocked its full realization: we only managed to place one work in it. Then came the support admin appointment, which Gina couldn’t choose, and everything got blocked. I had already drawn up three inventories of his complete works on his behalf: photos, drawings and sculptures.

The artist’s wish

Gina has always been celebrated as an actress, but she felt like an artist: she was proud of her work as a sculptor and often said she wished the rest of the world could know her too, says Gina Lollobrigida’s lawyer Filippo Maria Meschini. I am particularly pleased that his wish was recorded in his will and I hope that it will be fulfilled, because I can testify that he remains true to his artistic sensibilities. What the next steps might look like is not known. Whether her son Milko is contesting the will or whether someone else will (at the actress’ funeral, Javier Rigau, the Catalan businessman who married Gina Lollobrigida by proxy in 2011, sat in the front row: that marriage was by Sacra Rota in 2019 been cancelled). The will is dated January 5, 2017. Andrea Piazzolla was reported on March 10, 2017 by Bersagliera’s son and his nephew for circumventing an incompetent person.

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