The well known actress attended the wedding of her ex wife, who married Melina Ramírez. When she was with her now husband, she said: “too good”

Melina Ramírez is one of the most famous and discussed presenters on national television in recent years due to her work in various projects and entertainment formats such as Yo me llama and El Desafío. The woman from Cali managed to captivate the cameras with her style, personality, talent and beauty, attracting the attention of curious people interested in details of her personal life.

One of these focal points was the engagement and marriage to Juan Manuel Mendoza, with whom she developed a beautiful love relationship for some time. Both of them decided to walk down the aisle again and celebrate this decision, leaving their loyal followers speechless on digital platforms.

The presenter’s wedding to Juan Manuel Mendoza | Photo: @danidonado

The courts, stages and rooms were decorated in a very natural way, surrounded by white flowers and lights that made us appreciate the path that led them to say “yes”. As for the dancing, the ceiling was decorated with luxurious lamps and there was a very subdued atmosphere, which helped make everything seem more romantic.

Melina Ramírez and Juan Manuel Mendoza enjoyed their honeymoon in New York. | Photo: Taken from Instagram @melinaramirez90

Juan Manuel Mendoza’s ex was married to Melina Ramírez

According to records on social networks, Melina Ramírez and Juan Manuel Mendoza enjoyed this ceremony among their friends, acquaintances and family, receiving a lot of love and affection for this new stage that they began. Both shined in the content revealed, reflecting how uplifted they were by the decision they made.

However, a detail that caught the attention of some curious people was the presence of a famous actress who also played a big role in the actor’s life in the past. It was Daniella Donado who had a romantic relationship with Mendoza and they became parents to a girl.

Daniella Donado – Photo from Instagram @danidonado | Photo: @danidonado

The two Colombians separated but continued to have a very good relationship, to the point where they relied on the new relationships that came into their lives. The artist gave herself a new chance in love and took the opportunity to unite with her colleague, reflecting the positive energy she had due to her marriage to the “Yo me llama” host.

Actually, Donado attended the wedding with his now partner Virgilio Torres, who enjoyed the celebration along with all the other guests. Everyone enjoyed this love meeting, applauded and wished the newlyweds all the best.

A weekend celebrating love #juanmaymeli #buenvientoybuenamar” she wrote in the caption of the post, in which she posed with her husband.

It is important to remember that it was not unusual for Daniella to attend this celebration as she has reacted to the pictures of her wedding in the past and expressed her feelings. She appeared quite happy on social media and wrote: “How beautiful! All the blessings of heaven.”