The wedding photos of Gessica Notaro and Filippo Bologni

The wedding photos of Gessica Notaro and Filippo Bologni

Gessica Notaro She got married. The 33-year-old, who came to public attention after being slashed with acid by her ex-partner and is now campaigning alongside women in similar situations, said “yes” to her boyfriend Filippo Bologni29 years old, from Emilia, Italian show jumping champion like his father Arnaldo, who took part in the same discipline at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


The ceremony took place in a civil atmosphere Royal Venaria, Savoy Palace, just a few kilometers from Turin, where the newlyweds had arrived a few days earlier to finalize the final details of the party. And it was Gessica Notaro who, in the early afternoon of Monday September 18, shared through social media a few moments of preparation, then rightly put her smartphone aside and enjoyed every moment of her most beautiful day.

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The arrival of the bride ©IPA.

The bride came in Dare. The all-white horses gave a fairytale atmosphere to the “yes” exchanged under one roof Arch of roses. “We looked each other in the eye as only we can.” Our souls have certainly become one» said Bologni while exchanging promises. “You taught me to see what’s outside, that sailing a stormy sea for eternity can be the most beautiful adventure in the world.” Then the promise to protect her, the thing she cares about most. “I never stopped believing in dreams and I have done well because the answer is in front of me today,” she replied. It still is: “You are my light, my sun, and the most wonderful man I could dream of having by my side.

White dress with embroidered bustier bodice, matching sleeves and full skirt for Gessica Notaro (then altered for the party), who opted for a romantic hairstyle with small flowers and a classic veil. Filippo Bologni, on the other hand, walked to the altar wearing unusual riding boots; In addition, Venaria Reale was born as a hunting area.

Gessica Notaro before the wedding ©federicofashionstyle/Instagram.

The two met in Verona in 2019 on the occasion of the Fieracavalli. And again in Verona, two years later, Filippo Bologni asked Gessica to marry him. A moment full of emotions at the end of a race. At some point he knelt and asked the fateful question with the inevitable ring in his hands. The “yes” came immediatelyto the applause and emotion of those present.

Now they have become husband and wife, the most beautiful happy ending there is.