The war against Pedro Castillo is getting dirtier

The war against Pedro Castillo is getting dirtier

protests in Peru

A senator from that opposition, who continues to threaten to remove Pedro Castillo from Peru’s prime minister, said that “the President must realize that he cannot incite violence…”.

But it was another false accusation. Castillo has garnered the support of only a few Peruvian social forces at a time when it seems that only protecting the populace could actually stem the avalanche heading his way.

There may still be time to strengthen a peaceful but strong popular environment protecting his mandate after polls show he has lost sympathy since his election a year ago and is seen on the street as this executive at the mercy of every whim of this opposition in Congress and Victims of a manipulative work by the press that overwhelms and discredits them.

A few days ago, citizens demonstrated for and against his mandate. The pervasive rise in prices as a result of the European crisis has added to that left behind by COVID-19 and has hit large sections of the population who have other reasons to be discouraged.

However, 12 months ago only the rich criticized him, while those from below rallied around his figure and faced the lies of Fuerza Perú and Keiko Fujimori and tried to steal the elections from him.

Constant pressure from legislators on Castillo to replace the various heads of cabinet he has appointed has already led to many ministerial changes that have certainly distorted his original roadmap somewhat, making his mandate seem like that of a government without a top of mind, after all the architects are criticizing this one Maneuver – it’s your manipulative campaign! – with majority support from the media.

To make matters worse, this acceptance of the demands imposed on him by the right wing in Congress has cost the president the end of his relationship with the party that nominated him, Peru Libre, a group unrelated to this behavior by the president the mercy of the opposition agrees.

Peru Libre prioritises the convening of a Constituent Assembly, an equally difficult process with a right-majority parliament that torpedoes any attempt to establish a referendum because a referendum is not expressly permitted in the constitution.

However, the Constituent Assembly has also been the main demand of the civic bases since they protested in November 2020, forcing the resignation of ephemeral President Manuel Meriño, who was thus paying for the repression of the demonstrations that followed the demotion of Martín Vizcarra. by a Congressional ploy similar to the one being used against the current President: the so-called presidential vacancy.

Although, to tell the truth, Vizcarra was the victim of fewer atrocities because the measure that removed him from power for alleged unproven acts of corruption was approved only once, and against the current president there have already been two failed attempts because those The contested did not receive the 87 votes needed for his dismissal.

At the same time, successive judicial inquiries are being launched against him, reaching six this week, including those identifying him as a suspected traitor to the fatherland over a statement in which the president told the press his willingness to discuss with Bolivia the possibility of gaining access to the country to offer sea.

With such viciousness he is being watched!

Peru Libre broke an alliance with the President, but it neither abandoned him to his fate nor became his enemy, as evidenced by the positions of his faction in Congress, which helped prevent the mistakes and even made them as visible as possible in the statements of the leader of this political group, Vladimir Cerrón, who leads the way but denounces the deceptive maneuvers and himself and his family are the victims of a legal prosecution orchestrated by the right.

Cerrón’s revolutionary and communist allegiance, which he proudly flaunts, provided the first line of darts shot at Castillo.

Amid a colossal spate of insults and pranks, it should come as no surprise that the teacher from Cajamarca at the head of the presidency finally understood that the only fence that would now be faced with the shame woven against him would be inside the city; because the right, as many and he himself denounce, will never accommodate a pawn in the government palace.

In an undue disrespect, those falsely accusing him, in collusion with prosecutors, conducted a scandalous search of the presidential residence last week. There were also searches at the Castillo family home in distant Cajamarca.

This time they went in search of the head of state’s young sister-in-law, a girl whom he and his wife had raised as an adopted daughter and later accused of corruption, also without evidence, in connection with a company they were running in their home region built up social works, which is why she is said to have to go to prison for ten days.

Castillo assured that although some sectors have severely beat his family, they will not break him and reiterated that his government will continue to work for a country “with equality”.

“The collusion between part of Congress, the attorney general’s office and a sector of the press to destabilize the democratic order is evident,” he then condemned on Twitter, confirming that he would not resign while meeting at the palace with the patrol officers who Peasants who care about the rural regions and his origins when the Central Única de Rondas Campesinas came to him to express their support.

The same position was taken by popular leaders from the capital and by various social organizations.

“I will not part with this people who have been demanding justice for centuries,” said Castillo, who pointed out that since the beginning of his tenure he has sought dialogue with the opposition-controlled parliament, but the legislature, he pointed out , has a different agenda.

This conciliatory position has been criticized by Peru Libre and other sectors such as the Confederation of Workers of Peru.

In his eagerness to “pass by,” the President even took off the Ronderos’ wide-brimmed hat that distinguished him… The Congressional pressure campaign seems to tug at Castillo at times.

Now the President has announced that from now on he will work hand in hand with the people and their organizations and social movements.

It is necessary for these people to know and believe it, unless they are being recruited by the manipulation or are upset by the attitude of a man who in the eyes of the left can be viewed as a lukewarm President.

uncertain future

Despite being a persecuted and demonized president, Castillo cites among his accomplishments measures aimed at fulfilling part of his program and reaching out to neglected populace, such as what he calls Peru’s second agrarian reform, after the proclaimed by Juan Velazco Alvarado in 1969.

For example, this year your government has issued 31,000 titles to legalize the property of hundreds of families who have been declared more vulnerable and is working to deliver relief supplies to farm workers, among other decisions.

However, it remains to be seen to what extent this mandate will withstand the constant spur of an unlawful opposition and persecute it with its discrediting and pressure campaigns.

In a gesture that could express the seriousness of the situation, the governments of Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador released a joint statement on Saturday calling on “all institutions and political forces” in Peru to use dialogue as a tool for overcoming the situation and building a “broad, inclusive and participatory consensus” while expressing their “tremendous respect and friendship” for the people of Peru and “solidarity with the lawfully constituted authorities”.

Any conjecture about the future of the government and the country could be uncertain.