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“The Voice”: the importance of social networks

The presence of candidates on social networks is an essential part of the “La Voix” experience. All platforms are encouraged to watch the TVA Sunday show, but also to make the singers better known.

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Even before the start of the season, the social networks of “La Voix” started building a strategy to mobilize a community and increase enthusiasm for the current season. The team led by François Dufour, Director of Digital Productions at Productions Déferlantes, is responsible for managing this important communication channel. “The first strategy is to get people to come and engage with the brand,” Dufour said. We want to give viewers an experience and find out how they feel about what they’re going through. Instead of waiting for reviews or whatever, we get instant feedback and a better connection with everyone who subscribes to our sites. We also provoke reactions, we ask them questions.

When 90% of the exchanges are positive, there are also a lot of awkward comments that the team lives with pretty well. “You have to know how to live with it. People come to express themselves, we don’t censor anyone. It’s a way of meeting our ‘fans’ and we need to let them express themselves.”

After noticing a difference in the visibility of the candidates from “Star Académie” and those from “La Voix”, François Dufour had a new idea for this season. “We’re trying to make sure people know each of the candidates for La Voix better. On TV we only hear those who make it to the finals sing four or five times, so we took on the challenge of introducing them more deeply. We want fun facts about them, know their sensibilities and background. It is in our interest to make them better known so that people can connect with them. You can also discover a lot about the contestants on the show’s Instagram page and there are also many videos on TikTok.

The candidates can also count on the support of the Productions Déferlantes digital team to manage their own Facebook, Instagram, TikTok pages… “I meet all the candidates individually during the blind auditions to explain to them all the important points, what they can and cannot do, negative comments etc. Then we don’t leave them alone.”

The team is there to help you create publications or answer more specific questions. “We also have administrative access to each of their accounts, so we can moderate, for example. We also provide them with content (photos, videos, etc.) so that they can share interesting material, but we don’t do it for them.”

The personal accounts of the candidates, if any, will be searched by François Dufour and his team before the start of the season. “It’s always difficult to touch people’s personal social networks because it’s a place of expression. But I can advise you. For me there is a framework in what can and cannot be revealed. My role is to ask them to take over each of their releases. I don’t force anything on them, we work as a team.

Many are unaware of the effects of television and the wave that can follow. “I would say he has five or six contestants that I went to and told there was a photo or an opinion on their social media that they should keep to themselves. Everything was comprehensive. My job is to advise them, but we don’t limit them.

“The Voice” changes the slot this Sunday. See you for the first show of Duels at 7:30 p.m. on TVA, just after the premiere of new reality show Get Me Out of Here!, which premieres at 6:30 p.m.