The voice senior, the unrecognized super VIP.  Total humiliation

The voice senior, the unrecognized super VIP. Total humiliation

The voice senior the unrecognized super VIP Total humiliation

The second hilarious episode for The Voice Senior aired last night on January 20th on Rai uno. At one point, after a few appearances by the contestants on the talent show hosted by Antonella Clerici, a trap was laid for the judges. In fact, she went on stage Marcella Bellawho started singing one of his most famous songs, In the air. Gigi D’AlessioA handful of seconds into the piece, he immediately understood that this was not a copycat, but Marcella Bella herself, and turned around. Immediately after him, after a few seconds, they also turned in their seats Loredana Berte and clementine during the rich and the poor they hesitated a few more moments. Then they turned around too.

Concetta humiliated by the judges The voice, then the shock: who she really is

At this point Marcella Bella asked Antonella Clerici with great irony, referring to the fact that the two colleagues had waited longer than the others before recognizing them: “I can pull my ears an I Ricchi e Poveri?” At this point they replied: “We thought maybe it could be one imitation‘ the two coaches justified themselves. D’Alessio and the other judges then underlined that they had realized that they were not dealing with an imitation but with the original. So there were smiles, laughter and big hugs in the studio.

Watch your shit.  The scream and the frenzy: Loredana Bertè out of control