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The Voice Senior, Lisa sings Mia Martini and the pain of her son’s death: Loredana Bertè moves

At The Voice Senior 2023, singing teacher Lisa Manosperti convinced the jury by singing At least you in the universe of Mia Martini. The candidate carries in her heart the sorrow of the death of her son. Loredana Berté: “We will share this pain because I still carry it, always, every minute of my day, every day.”

The Voice Senior Lisa sings Mia Martini and the pain

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Friday January 13th Rai1 made way for the first episode of The voice eldest. Even among the competitors Lisa ManospertiSinging teacher who brought the song to the stage of the program directed by Antonella Clerici my martini “At least you in the universe”. Here is the reaction of Loredana Bertè and the other judges.

Lisa Manosperti convinces the jury: Loredana Bertè’s reaction

Loredana Berté was immediately very impressed, so much so that she pressed the button and turned around, followed by Gigi D’Alessio, the rich and the poor and finally Clementino. In short, Lisa Manosperti really convinced everyone. Loredana Berté stood up at the end of the performance and commented: “Brava, you moved me. I heard the pain in your voice, it reached me.” Even the Ricchi e Poveri agreed: “You moved us, you sang from the heart”. Gigi D’Alessio explained that in the past, when someone brought a Mia Martini song to The Voice Senior, the judges usually didn’t turn around: “Out of respect and because they didn’t make it, but then each of us has priority over Loredana This time Loredana has turned around and to get Loredana to turn against Mia Martini you really have to be a lot, a lot, a lot of stuff.

Lisa Manosperti shared the pain with Loredana Bertè

Lisa Manosperti explained in the presentation clip that she carries a lot of pain: “There have been terrible, very bad moments in my life, especially two years ago. Before the pandemic, right after my son died. It’s not that.” It’s easy for me to talk about it, I had to start all over again immediately because my family was there, my daughter was there, I tried to convey what was inside me, the music, in my singing stretched out my arms and pulled me up because I fell”. After her performance on the stage of The Voice Senior, she also explained to the judges:

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I chose this song because I love his style, but not only because of that. There is a great pain in me that I carry with me and that I now put into a song because that’s what I do, that’s what I live for. Running Loredana is already a victory for me.

Loredana Berté, who included her in his team, replied: “We will share this pain together because I still carry it, always, every minute of my day, every day. Are you coming with me? I love you.”